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A new conversion of Easy WheelMenu with extra features. Single multi taps hotkey operations. Colored wheel menus. Named layouts. Import/Export of menu layouts. Selective spells removal. Native support of popular mods. Load Order friendly (ESPFE).

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Easy WheelMenu II SSE

A new conversion of Easy WheelMenu (LE) from its original DevKit, with some extra features. Multi taps hotkey operations. Colored wheel menus. Named layouts. Layout templates. Import/Export of menu layouts. Selective spells removal.  Native support of popular mods. Load Order friendly (ESPFE).


Wheel Menus
Define up to 16 active wheel menus. Each wheel menu has 8 entries for any supported mod functions.

Invoke a Wheel Menu
Invoke a wheel menu using [legacy] 3 navigation hotkeys (Show/Next/Prev) or the wheel menu assigned hotkey. Single tap hotkey invokes the assigned wheel menu, double tap invokes the following wheel menu, triple tap the previous wheel menu. Long tap (> 1 sec) invokes a wheel menu of first 8 or last 8 wheel menus to choose from.  Empty wheel menus are ignored and bypassed when selecting a next or previous menu.

Single Hotkey multi taps operation
For example, with 3 wheel menus defined and a single hotkey assigned to first wheel menu, a single tap will invoke the first wheel menu, a double tap directly the second, and a triple tap the third (ie. going backward searching for a previous to the first, it will find the third).  When a wheel menu is shown, single tap hotkey will always bring the assigned wheel menu for this hotkey, but double tap will bring the next following wheel menu for the shown wheel menu, and triple tap the previous. Using a single hotkey assigned to the first wheel menu, you could go thru all 16 wheels using double (going forward) or triple taps (going backward).

Change the color associated with a mod functions to ease recognition within the wheel menu.

Named layouts
Name your wheel menu layout for ease of use.

Import/Export of layouts
Export a named layout to a Json file for later use (new game, previous save, etc). Import a named layout unto any of the 16 wheel menus.

Layout templates
Several prebuild layouts are available for import (Survival, Adventure, Appearance) with popular mod functions. 

Selective spells removal
Remove from you magic inventory, globally or for specific mods, spells used in wheel menus.

Light footprint in your load order as this mod ESP is an ESPFE.  

Translation ready
English currently supported. Send me your translation file and get credit. 

Native support for Mods
Easy WheelMenu II SSE core ESP includes handlers for the following mods. Handlers will provide mod functions / spell effects directly from wheel menus. If a handler can't detect if its associated mod is installed and active, it will not be activated and will not show up in MCM.

  • Skyim
Heal, Candlelight

  • CBBE 3BA (3BBB)
3BA Player, 3BA Follow

  • AddItemMenu
AddItem, AddItemSearch

  • Bathing in Skyrim
Bath, Shower

  • Campfire
Create Item, Harvest Wood, Build Campfire, Instinct

  • Dirt and Blood
Wash and Rinse

  • Extensible Follower Framework(*)
Leader's Telepathy, Leader's Teleportation

  • Facelight
Facelight Player, Facelight Player Dark, Facelight Follower, Facelight Follower Dark

  • FlowerGirl
Bewitch, Fornicate, Seduction, PleasureSelf

  • Frostfall
WheatherSense, InnerFire

  • HearthFire Multiple Adoption

  • Hunterborn(*)
Foraging, Scrimshaw, Primitive Cooking, Sense Direction, Taxonomy,  Field Dress, Skin, Harvest, Butcher, Process

  • Immersive Horses(*)
Horse Menu and Whistle

  • iNeed
Eat, Drink, Sit

  • Last Seed
Eat, Drink, Examine Food, Check Needs, Provision

  • Nether's Follower Framework
Command Followers

  • Simple Action
Simple Action

  • Vilja Follower
Summon Vilja, Quiet Vilja

(*) These handlers are legacy from the original mod. As they are not in my configuration, they are untested (and probably unsupported).

Other handlers available at installation
Support for the following mods is available as options at installation. Each additional handler adds an ESPFE and a single script.

  • Sofia Follower
Summon Sofia

  • Try My Outfit
Try My Outfit, Try My Outfit (alt)

Other handlers available from other mods
Mods developed for the original SSE EWM should all be working with EWM2 and specially the following mods have been reported working with EWM2: 

The following mods have been developed for EWM2: 


For AE, use the AE versions of the required mods.


Check and install all prerequisite mods. Follow installation instructions. If you have a previous version of Easy WheelMenu installed, you need a clean state (new game, old save, clean save) as this package has an ESPFE format and will have different formids. Use your Mod Manager for FOMOD install. Check your configuration and install options, some options are for mods in their ESPFE version only. Load order is identical to installation order.

Clean Save Installation

Remove any previous installation of "Easy WheelMenu". Start game (ignore missing esp message) and save. Clean your save with Fallrim tool (recommended). Install "Easy WheelMenu II SSE". Start game. Wait for menu registration in MCM. Change your settings (layouts, hotkeys, etc).

Creating new handlers

Review instructions from the original mod here. Easy WheelMenu II SSE has some additional features:

  • Optional Property "HandlerColor" in custom esp will define the initial color for this handler.
  • Optional Property "HandlerSpells" in custom esp will define if spells should be removed from magic inventory.
  • Property "PluginName" should be used only as a display name. The esp file name and its formids are hardcoded in the handler script.
  • Event "OnEWMPluginCkeck" is available to the handler script to check for an active plugin by calling function "EnableIfActive(String ModQuestEDID, String ModEspName) where ModQuestEDID is the mod quest to check and ModEspName the esp file name.  If "EnableIfActive" is not called, the handler will be activated without checking for its mod (original behavior).

Existing handlers for the original mod should work without issue as this mod handler interface is backward compatible.


, for the original LE mod
xxPEPE666xx, for first conversion "Easy Wheelmenu - SSE Conversion"
Markdf, for updated script for "Easy Wheelmenu - SSE Conversion"
HACKERSTEYN, for the Spanish translation

My other mods

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EWM2 Bath Followers                                                              Send all your followers nearby to bath and optionally join them in soap ("Bathing in Skyrim" or "Dirt and Blood")
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Sleep In Lingerie                                                                Followers going to bed will switch outfit for lingerie       
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Automatic Item Storage - Improved Custom List         Json Import & export, learn from container items,  build from inventory filtered by keywords
Dynamic Stamina for Low Level Character                    Dynamic Stamina balanced for a starting character with a very low stamina level
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