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A lesser power that equip on your target follower a clone copy of your current outfit.

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Try My Outfit
A lesser power that equip on your target follower or NPC a clone copy of your current outfit.


This is a quick and simple way to give an outfit to your followers. Cast the "Try my outfit" spell and targeted followers/NPCs will unequip their current outfit and equip a clone copy of your outfit.  It is a convenient way to appreciate the look of the outfit on someone else. 

You get the spell by reading the "Try my outfit" spell book. Get the book using AddItemMenu or grab the copy left in the Riverwood Mill close to the wood pile.

This mod is not a NPC outfit manager like the excellent Simple NPC Outfit Manager or Dress Up Lover's NPC Outfit Changer.  

However, the mod works well with my other mod Player Equipment Manager on Wheels to change quickly your outfit and with Nether's Follower Framework to create permanent follower outfits.

The following player equipment slots 31-34, 37-38, 40, 45-49, 52-54, 57-59 are cloned and reequipped as a new outfit on the target replacing the default. Hair (only 41), Jewelry (35,36, but not 42), Shield (39) and Face (43,44) are left untouched.  

Default behavior
Support both Followers and NPCs.
Your currently equipped outfit is cloned as a fully built outfit then registered on the target as a replacement for its default outfit. Nothing is added to their inventory. 

Alternate behavior
Support Followers only (most NPCs are left naked).
The target currently equipped outfit components are  removed (using the same slots as for cloning). Your currently equipped outfit is cloned as individual components to the target inventory and then equipped. Caution: the target previous outfit when removed is destroyed forever.  Trying multiple outfits on a follower will not overload its inventory. If you want to keep one in particular, just unequip the components to be kept before trying a new outfit.

New in 1.5. Custom tempering and enchantment are applied to the clone outfit (alternate behavior only).
To select the alternate behavior, set the global variable TMO_Behavior to 1 or (in version 1.5) use the spell "Try my outfit [Alt]" from the second spell book.


Install Try My Outfit by simply dropping the ESPFE (ESL flagged ESP) and the script into your data folder or use your mod manager of choice.   

Use your mod manager or remove the ESP and script.. 

nathanlonghair for idea in  Dibella's Compulsion Nude Spell
thejadeshadow for Elysium Estate (in preview pictures)
Gekkou1992 for Tight Leather Armor  (in preview pictures)
shinoboru for Shino Bikinis  (in preview pictures)

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