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Equip, unequip and switch outfits at a keystroke. Auto-change your outfit. Keep your wardrobe in the cloud. Create outfits, mix and match armor, weapons and spells. Select outfits using wheel menus and multi tap hotkey. Save your outfits by collection for next playthrough. Low performance impact.

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Player Equipment Manager on wheels

This is an improved version of the Player Equipment Manager by Nihongasuki (with permission). Check and endorse the original mod for a complete description of its functionality.


Equip, unequip and switch outfits at a keystroke.

  • You may equip one Base and one Addon outfits. The Addon is applied after the Base and overrides it. Selecting the same outfit, removes it.

  • Define a Base or Addon outfit as Cyclic. When the current outfit is Cyclic, requesting the same outfit again will rotate in sequence to the next item from the outfit container. You can easily go thru all your bikini flavors one at a time !

  • Define a Base or Addon outfit as S32 Cyclic. A S32 Cyclic Outfit will equipped all non slot 32 (body type) equipment and then rotate thru all slot 32 items one by one in sequence. Keep shoes and jewels equipped, then select the robe.

  • Define a Base or Addon outfit as R32 Cyclic. A R32 Cyclic Outfit will equipped all non slot 32 (body type) equipment and then select randomly one slot 32 item.

  • Define a Base or Addon as COLOR. Only outfit items matching the first picked color (color word in name) will be equipped.

  • Autoload an Addon Outfit when a Base is selected. Multiple Base Outfits could autoload the same Addon. For example, set your favorite armor to autoload your preferred weapon. Set your heavy weather armor to autoload  a  "Winter Gear" Addon with cloak and boots. 

 Select outfits using wheel menus and multi tap hotkey

  • Select outfits using dedicated hotkeys, a master hotkey or from a wheel menu. A wheel menu  has 7 outfit entries filled counterclockwise starting with a "Next" option. Switch to next wheel menu for more outfits.

  • The master hotkey is multi tap. Select in MCM a behavior for single tap, double tap, triple tap and long tap (1+ sec). Available behaviors are :

SHOW - Display first wheel menu (for outfit 1-7)
NEXT - Select next outfit (in order) from the current Base; or for a Cyclic Base select the next item from the Base outfit
SKIP - Same behavior as NEXT but skip Addon outfits
BUMP - Select next Addon outfit (in order) from the current Addon; or for a Cyclic Addon select the next item within the Addon outfit
BASE - Display the wheel menu of the current equipped Base outfit
LAST - Display the wheel menu of the last selected outfit
MENU - Display a wheel menu of all wheel menus, then invoke the selected wheel menu to pick the Outfit from it
STEP - Performs like a SKIP when last selected outfit was a Base, or like a BUMP for an Addon
LIST - List all available outfits. Pick one from the list
MOOD - Display the Mood wheel and select an outfit from it
AUTO - Automatically pick an outfit from the Mood wheel based on player condition (location, time, action)
SNAP - Create a new outfit from currently equipped items
LOAD - Import multiple outfits from any collection into empty containers. Last outfit imported is equipped.
JUMP - Select next Base outfit (do not cycle)
GIVE - Use spell "Try My Outfit" (if available from mod "Try My Outfit") to duplicate your outfit to target NPC
TACT - Display a wheel of tap actions to execute ((SHOW, MENU, BASE, MOOD,  LIST, LOAD, SNAP, GIVE).

  • Select text color for the outfit name in wheel menus based on the outfit type (Base, Addon) and mode (Cyclic, not Cyclic).

Auto-change your outfit

  • Define a Mood wheel with associated outfits. It can be used as way to keep favorite outfits grouped or by selecting from a generic name  ("Home") pick up a 'style' outfit regardless of the actual outfit currently attached to that name. The Mood wheel is invoked by the MOOD tap behavior. However, pressing the Modifier key (L-ALT by default) will not open the outfit container for modification but swap between behavior MOOD and AUTO instead.

  • Pick an outfit automatically from the Mood wheel with the AUTO tap behavior. The behavior AUTO ignore the generic names but uses only the associated Outfit at the Mood position:
Mood[1] "Combat" when weapons are draw
Mood[2] "Swimming" when player is swimming
Mood[4] "Formal" when player is in a Castle
Mood[5] "Town" when player is in a City, Town or Inn
Mood[6] "Home Work" when player is outside at Player House
Mood[7] "Home Evening" when player is inside Player House and time above 18h
Mood[8] "Home Day" when player is inside Player House and time above 6h
Mood[3] "Adventure" when player is anywhere else

Keep your wardrobe in the cloud

  • Outfit containers are in the cloud and have no burden on your inventory.  The total number of outfit containers available is 56. You have the option to change at any time this value to reduce the number of wheel menus if you don't use all of them.

  • For immersion, you may restrict outfit changes only in selected locations, in player houses for example. You may add a visual effect at some magicka expense.

 Create outfits,  mix and match armor, weapons and spells

  • Pressing the modifier key (L-SHIFT by default) while selecting an outfit (any methods) will open the outfit container for modification.

  • Outfit items are moved between your inventory and one of the outfit containers.   Custom enchanted items maintain their properties.

  • Support spells (using its spell book) and dual wield weapons as part of an outfit. First weapon will be equipped right hand,  first spell  left hand. For 2nd,  side is switched.

Save your outfits by collection for next playthrough

  • Import/export capability. Configuration settings and outfit definitions could be saved into a Json file and reimported into a different game. Profile files are stored in data\skse\plugins\playerequipmentmanager\<profile_name>.json

  • Export single outfit definition into Collections ("Outfits" by default). Organize your library of outfits by collections ("Heavy Armor", "Bikinis", etc). Import outfit definition in other profile and new game.

Low performance impact

  • Single script active only while in MCM and pressing a hotkey.

  • The mod is packaged as ESPFE/ESPL (ESP with ESL flag). All outfit keys and the master key are reregistered on game load to avoid the original bug of the lost key definition after a save reload.

  • Support localization with MCM translation files. Send me your translation, it will be added to the distribution package and you will be credited for it. Currently supported languages: English, Japanese, French.

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Recommended Mods
  • SkyUI AIO (SAS)Display equipment slots in inventory menu. Useful for S32 cyclic outfits.

Simply drop the files into your data folder or use your mod manager of choice. Configure your setup in MCM once the menu has been recognized.

Use your mod manager or remove the files that come with this mod. Recover all items from all outfits first, or else they will be lost.

Nihongasuki for the original mod and permission
thejadeshadow for Elysium Estate (in preview pictures)
expired6978 for  UIExtensions
stelf0411 for the Japanese translation

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