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Makes horse whistle and horse call powers available thorough the menu added by "Easy Wheelmenu" mod.

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This mod makes it so that you can use the horse call and horse whistle powers from the wheel menu added by the mod 'Easy Wheelmenu - SSE Conversion'.

This is a quality of life improvement as you won't need to open your magic menu or favorites every time you want to call your horse, and you can easily access those powers from the menu, along with every other thing you might have on your wheel menu.

Obviously, you need to actually get the powers by doing the Convenient Horse quest. If you activate these in the wheel menu without actually having the power in your magic menu, nothing will happen. Soon as you get those powers from the Convenient Horses mod, you can use from menu or magic, as you see fit.

If you don't understand, read the mod description for Easy Wheelmenu.

This mod requires:
Convenient Horses
Easy Wheelmenu - SSE Conversion
UiExtensions (Indirectly, because it is a requirment of Easy Wheelmenu - SSE Conversion mod)

This mod comes as an .esl file and won't take up a spot in your load order.

Kesta for the Easy Wheelmenu
mitchalek for Convenient Horses
ZoboZeWarrior for images on the Skyrim page, because I was too lazy to take screenshots of the wheel menu ingame :P So I used his images