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New armor for the Imperial Legion.

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This modification adds armor for the Imperial Legion. This armor replaces the standard game armor variants.

Legion soldiers are dressed in three types of armor - leather, chain mail and segment armor. Most soldiers will wear heavy armor, some of them will have cloaks. Legates will be dressed in heavier segmental armor. A specially crafted armor for Penitus Okulatus, such armor can be obtained as a reward for the destruction of the Dark Brotherhood. General and Emperor dressed in armor from my previous modification, you can see it in the screenshots.
The modification also adds an old Legionnaire armor from Oblivion. Such armor can be found in a cave near Helgen, it lies immediately in front of the spider's nest. It will be rusty, but it can be repaired in the forge.

To properly install this modification, you need to download the Base archive and unzip it into the game folder, then select the texture archive and also unzip it into the game folder. Textures HD - 4096 on armors and 2048 on boots, gauntlets and helmets. Textures Medium - 2048 on armors and 1024 on boots, gauntlets and helmets.