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Use the Smelter OR the Atronach Forge to make your own Atronach Salts

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Transmute Atronach Salts

If you have had problems finding enough of these Salts for things in your LoadOrder like me, you may want to take a look at this mod.

With this mod you can:

I - "Transmute" Salt into Atronach Salts with gems and Soulgems at a smelter *

*The recipes are set up like this:
The first 5 ALL require you to have at least a skill level of 30 in Enchanting and at least 20 in Conjuration


1 Petty, Lesser, Common, Greater or Grand Soulgem
2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 Salt Piles
2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 Rubies (for Fire Salts), Sapphires (for Frost Salts) or Diamonds (for Void Salts)

and yield

4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 Salts (of the respective type)

The Largest recipe requires you to have a skill level of 60 in Enchanting and at least 40 in Conjuration
and requires

1 Black Soulgem
7 Salt Piles
7 Rubies / Sapphires or Diamonds

and yields

14 Salts (of the respective type)

IF you use the recipes with a filled Soulgem, the recipes will yield 50% more
use 4 Salts and 4 Sapphires and a filled Common Soulgem and you will get 12! Salts, instead of 8, when only using an unfilled Soulgem


II - You can use the Atronach Forge in The Midden at the College of Winterhold, to do the same thing, using the same recipes, with 1 caveat, though.
The recipes with filled Soulgems require the Sigil Stone to be placed into its receptacle of the Atronach Forge for them to work, otherwise the unfilled Soulgem recipes will be used.

Clarification Info:
The way I created this mod, was by going from one mod of this description to the next, each time copying the file, before adding another mod into the mix, but each time after in-game testing for function.
So all these files should function as intended, they do in my heavily populated LoadOrder.
Furthermore, the mod reuses the Formlist ( 0010F618 ) "AmethystItems" as "DiamondItems", but as far as I was able to find, this list isnt used for anything else, not even in IJ itself. I could be wrong though, since I am not running each and every mod on nexus, so IF the recipes dont work partially or at all, please try to put the file near the end of your LoadOrder, please.


Coldharbour Resummoned - required a patch since it is adding its own Atronach Forge recipes.
REQUIRES: Coldharbour Resummoned

Coldharbour Resummoned-IJ - required further editing, since Immersive Jewelry adds a lot of items with Rubies/Sapphires or Diamonds in them
REQUIRES: Coldharbour Resummoned AND Immersive Jewelry

Myst-GIST-Coldharbour Resummoned-IJ - This is a version I made for myself. I am using
Mysticism - The Lost Art
GIST - Genuinely Intelligent Soul Trap SE
in conjunction with one another, since they use each their own Soulgems, I added them where appropriate so the mod keeps functioning.
REQUIRES: Coldharbour Resummoned AND Immersive Jewelry AND Mysticism - The Lost Art AND GIST - Genuinely Intelligent Soul Trap SE

Aipex8 and Kaipowers01 - for Coldharbour Resummoned and it's port for SE
bluedanieru - for Mysticism - The Lost Art
opusGlass - for GIST - Genuinely Intelligent Soul Trap SE
and many others, that I unfortunately can't remember right now, that helped throughout the development with ideas and xEdit scripts, so I don't type my fingers bloody and my eyes go milky white from staring at the screen.