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Isn't it weird how scratching at a gold ore vein for a few seconds yields enough ore to smelt a brick of gold? And that same brick provides only enough material to make a single ring or necklace?

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What This Mod Does:
This mod changes the huge ingots of gold and silver into more reasonably sized ounces, about an eighth the size of a vanilla ingot. If desired, you can combine 8 ounces or 16 ore pieces into an ingot, which will increase its weight and value respectively. However, using these for crafting will require breaking them back down into ounces (no material is lost in either process.) Additionally, special variant gold and silver ounces bearing the hallmarks of the East Empire Company and the Silverblood Family of Markarth have been added to leveled lists and placed in appropriate locations in the world. You can melt these down to normal ounces at any forge to use for crafting, sell them, or collect them.

The plugin is flagged as an ESL, so you can enjoy it without losing a slot in your load order.

Why Have You Done This?
It bothered me. I play with True Medieval Economy and True Realistic Item Weights, as well as mods that add weight to coins, so I often find myself carrying precious metals as a sort of savings account. It was weird to me that the ingots were so huge, yet relatively low in value, so I made this mod as an intermediate step in between. It was also good practice in blender and inkscape making the custom models and textures.

Pick the regular or No Leveled Lists version, download and install with your mod manager of choice.

Optional Files:
If you're so inclined, there's an optional All Hallmarked download that will replace all metal ounces - even those smelted by you, the player - with my custom hallmarked mesh. Simply overwrite GoldOunce.nif and SilverOunce.nif with the optional replacers. This is considered non-lore friendly, but if you like my mesh that much who am I to stop you?

This is relatively unintrusive, as it simply changes the name, weight, value, and mesh of the vanilla ingots. This means it is 100% compatible with mods that add new crafting recipes or means of making gold bars, although I won't vouch for the balance of using such mods. I balanced my numbers around a realistic economy, so mods that let you make a full suit of gold armor may be unrealistic.

The standard version edits a few vanilla leveled lists and placed items in the world, and should be loaded before other mods that do the same if you want their changes to take effect (or use a bashed patch.) Alternatively, you can use the "No Leveled Lists" version to skip that part of the mod altogether, HOWEVER this will leave you with no way to acquire the hallmarked variants of the ounces, except for using console commands or the optional mesh replacer.

This is compatible with mods that change gold and silver ingot textures, just install them after mine and they'll overwrite both the large ingots and non-hallmarked ounces.

One more thing, I also made a VERY minor tweak to the quest "The Only Cure." I changed the dialogue and objective text to say "ounce" instead of "ingot." This shouldn't cause any issues, but let me know in the comments if it does.

Known Bugs/Issues:
None discovered so far, but please report any issues you find on this page and I'll look into them.

Q: Why do the "ounces" weigh different amounts depending on the metal? That's not how weight works!
A: I know. It was a game balance choice. I wanted to give gold a higher value/weight ratio than silver, at the cost of being overall heavier. You're welcome to tweak the values in SSEEdit for your own tastes.

Q: Hey! The gold ingot says "1 POUND", but it only takes 8 ounces to make one! You can't fool me, I know my maths!
A: You're right again, see above. I took some liberties with the math to make a balanced and fun mod to play with, rather than 100% realistic.

Q: Why do the hallmarked ounces look like bars of soap?
A: They do don't they. Maybe when I've improved my modeling skills I'll release an update. For now they look pretty damn close to the real thing.

Q: Aren't the values of the ingots and ounces kind of low?
A: The ounces I added are pretty close in value to their vanilla counterparts. Like I said above, I use True Medieval Economy and HIGHLY recommend it. After running that mod's patcher the values of all items you have in your load order get increased based on categories and keywords. If you haven't tried it before, check it out.

Recommended Mods:
True Medieval Economy - I won't beat a dead horse, see above for reasons.
Real Gold and Silver Ingots - For oldrim, but will work fine if installed before my mod. Let my ingot meshes overwrite this one so you just use the textures.