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Adds a small burial site just outsite Riverwood.

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Riverwood now have it's own burial site just outside northern gate. No more transporting the dead all the way to Whirerun for a proper burial. 
Adventures who tried to reach Bleak fall Barrow, but for unknown reasons did'nt make it all the way, has been brought back down to Riverwood for burial.

A bigger and much more detailed version here.

Do you have an idea or suggestion to any of my mods, feel free to share with me. Still I'm new to modding, so learn new ideas and/or suggestions is much welcome.!

All files have been cleaned with xEdit autoclean and all files are ESP-FE.
All my mods and patches can be merged into one file if needed.

With collision boxes, so NPC's won't bump in to things.



Provided Patches:

Compatible with patch:
Expanded Towns and Cities - missjennabee - Works with both ETaC - Complete.esp and ETaC - Riverwood.esp *Make sure the patch loads AFTER ETaC*
This is Riverwood - Motzman - Also works with This is T'Riverwood - Yggdrasil7557 *make sure this patch loads AFTER
JK This Is Riverwood.esp*
Riverwood by Ozymandy Rebirth - Tharkovskij
Riverwood By Nesbit - nesbit098
Unofficial Skyrim Speciel Edition Patch USSEP - Arthmoor


Full compatibility:
Blubbos Riverwood - BlubboDE
Castle Draco Riverwood Edition Player Home - draco1122
JK's Skyrim - Riverwood Lite - mnikjom
JK's Skyrim - jkrojmal
JK's Riverwood - jkrojmal
Kato's Riverwood - katoxivar
A Rebbelious Riverwood Overhaul - Rebelzize
Unique Locations - Riverwood forest - Cooleoj
Riverwood Grove - nesbit098 - Already contains a burial site, only use my mod with his if you want 2 sites.
Riverwood Keep SE - skyrimlazz
Riverwood Reborn - Special Edition - countercruel

Incompatible mods:
T'Skyrim - Riverwood (Addon for JK's Skyrim) - mnikjom
Ideal Riverwood - mnikjom

Mods used in screenshot:

Tamrielic Textures SE 1 - Landscapes - ciathysa
Sepolcri - A Complete Burial Sites Overhaul - wizkid34
Ljoss ENB - Sthaagg
Obsidian Weathers and Seasons - JonnyWang13
Darker Nights - unformidable
Renthal Nettle - Pfuscher

Check out my profile to see what I'm working on at the moment, and what will be released next.

Recomended mods:

Recomended mods to go with this one to get some "life" to graveyards across Skryim.
Sepolcri - A Complete Burial Sites Overhaul - wizkid34
Skyrim Graveyards of Whiterun and Windhelm SE - aliakpinar
Bring Out Your Dead - arthmoor
Markarth Cemetery Graveyard (My mod)
Riverwood Burial Site - New Location (My mod)

Dragon Bridge Burial Site (My Mod)
Skaal Burial Site (My Mod)

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What if Stump really is a frostbite spider, in disguise?!