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Adds a medium size burial site/graveyard/cemetery just outside Dawnstar.

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The good people of Dawnstar now have their own burial site/graveyard/cemetery, located just outside Dawnstar. This one is a little larger than the others I have made, but with 2 mines and a little harbor, I believe they have more deaths than other places.
Finnbjorn is the priest, and lives in his own private living area inside the shack. He have daily routines, such as he eat breakfast, lunch and dinner at normal eating times, and sleeps from 11-8. Otherwise he just wanders round the site while working or praying.

All files have been cleaned and all is ESP-FE.
All my mods and patches can be merged into one file if needed.
With collision boxes, so NPC's won't bump in to things, so NO navmesh changes :)

If you are on Xbox One, you can get a collection of my graveyard mods here:



Provided patches

Single patches:
Basic Dining Set Replacer - SDlutz
Forgotten Retex Project - JDAnchor
Sepolcri - A complete Burial Sites overhaul - wizkid34
Skyrim 2020 Parallax by PfuscherPfuscher
Skyrim 3D Rocks - mathy79
Skyrim 3D Trees and Plants - mathy79
Tihzz's Lantern HD Replacer - Tihzz
Tihzz's Tankard HD Replacer - Tihzz
WiZkiD Tree Selectionwizkid34 From his Discord channel
Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch - Arthmoor
Sigils of Skyrim - Banners - JDAnchor

Combined patches:
WiZkiD Tree Selection - Thizz's Lantern Replacer Patch
3D Trees and Plants - Thizz's Lantern Replacer Patch
Sepolcri - A complete Burial Sites overhaul - 3D Rocks Patch


Compatible mods:
The Great City Of Dawnstar SSE Edition - soldierofwar

Incompatible mods:
Dawnstar Overhaul - dwemer156 Feel free to make and upload a patch if you want. 
Expanded Towns and Cities - missjennabee Feel free to make and upload a patch if you want. 
Convenient Carriages - tarlazo Feel free to make and upload a patch if you want. 

Mods used in screenshot

Static Mesh Improvement Mod - Brumbek
Tamrielic Grass - ciathyza
No Grassias - A Universal Grass Fix For Grass Mods - Knight4Life
Skyland AIO - johnrose81
Septentrional Landscapes SE - winedave
Northern Shores SE - winedave
Hyperborean Snow SE - winedave
Chisel replacer HD - SE - PraedythXVI
Better Dynamic Snow SE V. 3.3 - StepModifications
Mari's flora - ArtByMari
Embers XD - mindflux
Obsidian Weathers and Seasons - JonnyWang13
Darker Nights - unformidable
Ljoss ENB - Sthaagg
 - Gamwich


Soltysutine for his Mysterious Akavir Journey to the East 3D Assets (Flokku - 3D (Pots and Cliff Pieces)) *I used the pots only*
Incaendo for his Grave Figure Statue from St Marx Cemetery and Bell Modders Resource * Downscaled the textures to 2K* (License: CC Attribution-NonCommercial:
Darkfox127 for his great CK tutorials on youtube