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A mesh/texture only replacer for most of the vanilla armor sets & some of the most common weapons. Primarily uses NordwarUA assets as well as weapons from Billyro and other modders with some texture modifications.

Permissions and credits
A disorganized but functional armor replacer mash-up extracted from my game files & polished up enough for submission here. Heavily relying on the works of NordwarUA, this mod combines & repackages selected armor as a drop-in replacer without .ESP plugin dependency. It also offers some alternative weapon replacements.

Special Notes:
This mod was my reintroduction to modding recently. It builds on and was inspired by the concept of Project NordwarUA by ShadowofRayden, but includes different selections for the armors as well as numerous texture edits & replacements. I have no desire to take away any success from their work, and I have received their permission and that of NordwarUA before releasing this. I fully credit them for inspiring this project.

This mod includes only meshes & textures, and I have made numerous edits & adjustments here and there to suit my preferences (modifying some textures, recolouring others, adding missing alpha channels to normal maps, adding environmental maps, etc.) However, the vast majority of content remains the work of NordwarUA and other credited authors. I do not take credit for the original models or textures, only for compiling it and adding some personal touches.

Special Thanks to NordwarUA, since the majority of the armor comes from Realistic Armor, Scale Nord Armor, New Legion, NordWarUA's Vanilla Armor Replacers SSE, and NordWarUA's Race Armor Expansion. Special thanks also billyro for the use of their weapons in this mod and my other ones. Credit is also given to everyone mentioned on the pages of NordwarUA's mods, and to CD Projekt Red for the Witcher series assets used.

The Goal of this Project:
A drop-in Vanilla+ style replacer for weapons & armor with a mix of realism and fantasy, adapted to suit my own personal preferences, and to allow for customization without the use of an ESP plug-in. While I enjoy mods that change game mechanics & improve the locations, for weapons & armor I prefer to rely on the base game and vanilla items already in place. This has the added benefit of allowing players (me) to change, replace, and tweak the appearance of their game without worrying about potential save file issues, and reduces the need for patches.

This mod is something I created originally for personal use, and it's something of a work in progress. While admittedly not as polished as my other releases, it's what started my recent modding journey. Since I've been trying to get this released for some time, I felt it best to release it as-is.

This Mod Replaces the Following:

Armor & Shields (Included):
  • Iron
  • Steel (Replaces the 2 vanilla Steel armor variants, but NOT Steel Plate/Nordic Plate)
  • Studded
  • Scaled
  • Scaled Horn
  • Leather
  • Hide
  • Fur / Bandit
  • Orcish
  • Imperial Legion (All)
  • Guard / Stormcloak
  • Daedric (Uses the "Noble Daedric" version from my other mod)
  • Ebony (Uses the "Heavy Plate" version from my other mod)
  • Ebony Mail (Uses the "Light / Mail" version from my other mod)
  • Dwarven
  • Draugr
  • Elven
  • Wolf
  • Glass (Scaled )
  • Dragonscale (As it should be - ornate, detailed, and using actual dragon scales and bone.)
  • Dragonbone (If you look closely, the leather details are dragon hide.)
  • Stalhrim (Light & Heavy) (Shiny Nordic vibes)

Alternate / Additional Armors (Optional Files):
  • Steel (Alternate) (Replaces 'Light' vanilla steel version (cuirasslight_*.nif) w/o pauldrons)
  • Steel (Alternate) (Replaces 'Normal' vanilla steel version (cuirass_*.nif) w/pauldrons)
  • Improved, more reflective Elven armor
  • Dragonscale/Dragonbone Alternatives
  • Leather (Alternate from Realistic Armors)
  • General Tulius / Penitus Armor (Replacer Textures & Meshes to experiment with.) (This one is handled strangely by the game & Unofficial Patch)
  • General Tulius / Penitus Armor (Plug-In/ESP) (Thanks to akgamefan for creating this! This plug-in: re-paths the Tulius / Penitus armor textures, restructures the meshes, fixes the vanilla issues the armor had around tempering and light armor perks,  makes Tulius' armor light armor, makes Penitus / Tulius use scale armor  tempering, scale armor rates and works with all light armor perks. Note: DO NOT clean the esp with sseEdit app.This will remove important edits that override the USSEP.)

Alternate Armor Options (Released & Uploaded Separately):

Weapons (Optional Files)
  • Imperial Sword
  • Elven (Sword, Greatsword, Waraxe, Battleaxe, Mace) (WIP)
  • Glass (Sword & Greatsword)

Weapons (Released & Uploaded Separately):


As always, let me know of any issues or requests and I'll see what I can do!
Note: I am not making .esp plug-ins, patches, or stand-alone versions at this time.

Future Goals:
  • Bow replacements
  • Additional weapon replacements (Forsworn, maybe Glass, etc)
  • Adding some additional options.
  • Additional adjustments as I play the game, making sure I haven't completely messed anything up...
  • In an ideal world, reorganizing and cleaning all files.

Notes / Problems:
  • I took some liberty with the Scaled Horn Armor - but it makes sense when considering the game loosely treats Hide, Studded, Scaled, and
  • Scaled Horn as progressions of the same set. Thus, in my version, the Hide armor group goes from plain padded (Hide), to studded (Studded), to having metal plates (Scaled), to very well-worn steel lamellar over a simple padded coat (Scaled Horn).

  • The texture paths are hopelessly scattered - I'm uploading it in the current state as-is, with plans to (hopefully) get it more organized / modular in the future. Until I am able to do so, I recommend just deleting or overwriting any meshes that you don't want in your game.

  • The cubemaps are a mess, and basically include the entire directory because I no longer remember what's Vanilla & what's been added. I have, however, tried to replace any I was unsure of with those having clear reuse permissions.

  • The heavy Imperial boots have some clipping issues, and the default Cuffed Steel & the Wolf boots are the same model, although the Wolf boots are shinier with engravings. I may consider an alternate option for both in the future.

  • Scaled Horn Armor no longer has a horn - but I could not find a suitable high-quality replacer, so I adapted this from another NordWarUA work.

  • I am assuming use permission for the Storm Lord armor from gechbal to replace the Sons of Talos /Stormcloak Officer armor, as the permissions simply read "be nice". To the best of my knowledge all of NordwarUA's Nexus mods are allowed for reuse with proper crediting. However I have also reached out to both parties to confirm, and if there is ANY issue I am happy to address it.


- NordwarUA and those credited on their mods for creating/porting many of the armors and weapons, billyro for many weapons, maty743 for the Elven armor, Mr. Dave & Bobs Armory Skyrim - Swords - Axes - Bows - Spears for additional weapons, gechbal for the Stormlord armor, JDJ3 for ports, ShadowofRayden & team for the inspiration, deletepch for all of their mods, Warmonger Armory - Unofficial Fixed SSE Port by Duckzilla and batmanna, Dragonbane Replacer bySky_Hunter and PraedythXVI, TB's HD Cubemaps by TheBlenderAnimator along with vedan77 & Kartoffels for other cubemaps, CaBaL120 for many texture resources.

Let me know if I have overlooked anything, forgotten anyone, or if there are any permissions issues - I will attempt to address any issues immediately!

Other Recommended Mods, in no particular order:
Wander - A Weather Mod, Detailed Cities SE, Nordic Faces - Immersive Characters Overhaul (just get it, seriously), Immersive Armory Retextures - Aesthetic Armory Adventure, Thrones of Skyrim, Leafeater's 3-in-1 Tree Overhaul, Extravagant Interiors - Solitude, CL's Barrels and Crates, Enhanced Ragdoll Accuracy (ERA) - Special Edition, Ruska - Riften Player Home, the entire Cathedral series by JonnyWang13, and everything by SimonMagus616, deletepch,Kralyks, TheBlenderAnimator, billyro, maty743, and zebra0.