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These two mods have contradictory edits that break each other. This allows you to use them both simultaneously without incident.

Permissions and credits
Opening Scene Overhaul and Pride of Skyrim make contradictory edits to Ulfric, Hadvar, and Lokir.
This plugin primarily resolves issues that break the opening scene overhaul when using both mods.
Additional minor changes are also made to copy forward benefits from and otherwise accomodate other patches.

Full details of changes are as follows:
All three characters: use appearance data from Pride of Skyrim.
Ulfric: remove axe (use axe that Royal Armory adds without editing the NPC record)
Ulfric: copy forward dead body cleanup script from Unofficial Skyrim Patch (technically from Bethesda's own update master, so the unofficial patch is not actually a requirement here)
Ulfric: apply AI change from Opening Scene Overhaul
Hadvar: apply stealth meter and voice changes from Opening Scene Overhaul
Lokir: apply voice change from Opening Scene Overhaul