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Added: 13/12/2016 - 02:15AM
Updated: 30/07/2017 - 11:14AM

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Last updated at 11:14, 30 Jul 2017 Uploaded at 2:15, 13 Dec 2016

  • Hide, scale, move and remove HUD elements to your liking, or use as vanilla replacement with no drawback
    Autohide Compass and Crosshair
    Alternative HUD elements - dot crosshair, ammo display, slim compass, left-aligned health and stamina bar animation
    System clock
    Normal font support
    More manageable colored markers compatibility with standalone compass markers
    Bonus: Better tracking for animated letters

Customization is done by editing skyhud.txt file located in “%SkyrimSE%\Data\Interface\skyhud” folder. The INI file is formatted to be similar with Skyrim’s INI files like Skyrim.ini and SkyrimPrefs.ini. Note that on first install skyhud.txt has to be installed separately.

A GUI-based configurator is currently in the making, which should relieve users from editing the config manually. For a list of possible configurations consult the included reference manual and see [CONFIGURATION CHART] section. There is no ETA for the configurator yet.

Upon loading the game for the first time, you’ll be given 2 units of POTION OF WAYFINDER. This potion is set to replenish itself when consumed. To set a shortcut for showing compass, favorite the potion and assign a hotkey to it.

Should you lose the potions for any reason, you can open the console and type help “Potion of Wayfinder” to find the potion’s item ID and then use player.additem command on it.

Video guide and showcase:
0.60B Video Guide by Thyworm

Showcase by SurprisedRook, Jimmy Gatz, MxR, CamAndSeb, JuiceHead and Brodual. Thank you!


Planned features for the full release
Done: Scale elements
Done: Visibility toggles
Done: Autohide crosshair (Unexpected!)
Done: Autohide compass
Done: Detachable compass markers
Done for Now: Move elements
Done for Now: Alternate modes
Done for Now: More options for system clock
In progress: Settings configurator with preset manager and settings preview


OPTION 1 - Mod manager
  1. Download SkyHUD main file by clicking Download With Manager
  2. Install.
  3. Copy one of the presets manually from Presets folder in “%SkyrimSE%\Data\Interface\skyhud” into “%SkyrimSE%\Data\Interface\skyhud” or download the optional SkyHUD - Presets file and install it with mod manager

Installing preset with mod manager
  1. Download SkyHUD - Presets optional file by clicking Download With Manager
  2. Install and pick your preferred preset

OPTION 2 - Manual
  1. Download the mod by clicking Download Manually
  2. Open the archive and extract the contents of "SkyHUD" folder to your “%SkyrimSE%\Data\Interface" folder
  3. If you would like to use any of the premade preset, you can find them in "Presets" folder inside “%SkyrimSE%\Data\Interface\skyhud”. Copy skyhud.txt file into the main directory - “%SkyrimSE%\Data\Interface\skyhud”.


  1. Backup your current compassmarkerart.swf (if you use custom markers) and skyhud.ini in "skyhud"folder.
  2. Uninstall the previous version of SkyHUD
  3. Install SkyHUD 0.60B as new installation
  4. Install a SkyHUD 0.60B preset, with a manager through the optional download or manually
  5. Transfer your settings from the old INI to 0.60B’s skyhud.txt
  6. If you use a compatible map marker mod, restore your compassmarkerart.swf into "skyhud" folder
  7. If you have a map marker mod installed, check for loose hudmenu.swf in Interface folder and remove it if present or it will overwrite SkyHUD.

Please read the sticky FAQs and Troubleshooting comment before submitting any support question.

A copy of reference manual can be found either on the download page, the main archive or “%SkyrimSE%\Data\Interface\skyhud” folder. It is imperative that this manual is first read before you start tinkering with the INI file.

You can also view SkyHUD Reference Manual online here - docdroid
Russian Version by Kulac98 (v0.22B) - docdroid

This mod is NOT compatible with any mod using its own hudmenu.swf/hudmenu.gfx.

These marker mods have compatibility patch for SkyHUD:
SimpleColor Map Markers by azzendix
Colour Map Markers SE by Lazz
Pastel Map Markers by iTitoMix
Undiscovered Means Unknown - Map Markers by Brin_aSair

Be sure to check out these SkyHUD presets!
Alternative SkyHUD Presets by Kugane
Ultra Small Preset for SkyHUD by DarkDominion
BOSS - A total overhaul project for Skyrim SE by LupusHegemonia

You're free to share your preset (skyhud.txt) anywhere. The rest of the mod must not be included and you must state clearly what version of the mod your preset is for.

If I happen to totally vanish from online world (unreachable) for a period of at least two years, consider this mod abandoned and available for the public to do as they see fit. I can be otherwise reached on Reddit (u/Fhaarkas).

Bethesda for TES V Skyrim
SkyUI team for Unofficial Skyrim UI SDK
Schlangster for allowing me to use SkyUI appropriate loader, without which this mod wouldn't have happened
Fadingsignal and CDCooley to whom I owe some cool Papyrus tricks
Wenderer for FOMOD Creation Tool
bla08 for porting the mod to classic Skyrim
Mertz for making a BAIN Wizard for Wrye Bash
The modding community at large - mod authors and users alike
Residents of Riverwood for their neverending selflessness in making sure this mod works. Your (repeated) sacrifice will not be in vain

This is a list of UI mods that I can personally recommend. If you have any suggestion (as I don't play the game much) drop them in the comments!

Hide UI by fadingsignal
UI toggle hotkey

My Skyrim SE Mods