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This mod is provided AS IS
I have a penchant for going missing for months or even years on end. As such, please do not rely on me for support. Any request is also unlikely to be heard. You have to solve any compatibility issue on your own as I simply do not have the capacity to help you. You will find support among fellow users, please treat each other well. For common issues and questions, please refer to the stickied post.


  • Hide, scale, move and remove HUD elements
  • Alternative HUD elements - dot crosshair, ammo display, slim compass, left-aligned health and stamina bar animation
  • Font mod support
  • Standalone compass markers for compatibility with marker mods
  • Better tracking for animated letters

Customization is done by editing skyhud.txt file located in “%SkyrimSE%\Data\Interface\skyhud” folder. The INI file is formatted to be similar with Skyrim’s INI files like Skyrim.ini and SkyrimPrefs.ini. Note that on first install skyhud.txt has to be installed separately.

For a list of possible configurations consult the included reference manual and see [CONFIGURATION CHART] section.


  1. Download SkyHUD main file by clicking Download With Manager
  2. Install.


  1. Backup your current SKYHUD.TXT if you have custom values you want to keep
  2. Uninstall the previous version of SkyHUD
  3. Install SkyHUD 0.73B
  4. Transfer your settings from your backup config file into SKYHUD.TXT in SKYHUD folder.
  5. If you have a map marker mod installed, check for loose HUDMENU.SWF in Interface folder and remove it if present or it will overwrite SkyHUD

Please read the sticky FAQs and Troubleshooting comment before submitting any support question.

A copy of reference manual can be found either on the download page, the main archive or “%SkyrimSE%\Data\Interface\skyhud” folder. It is imperative that this manual is first read before you start tinkering with the INI file.

You can also view SkyHUD Reference Manual online here - docdroid
Russian Version by Kulac98 (v0.22B) - docdroid

This mod is NOT compatible with any mod using its own hudmenu.swf/hudmenu.gfx.

Immersive HUD:
Install the compatibility patch.

Known issues (will not fix):
  • Fast fade option does not work with SkyHUD's fade sync.
  • Permanent HMS meters option does not work with iHUD fast fade

These marker mods have compatibility patch for SkyHUD:
SimpleColor Map Markers by azzendix
Colour Map Markers SE by Lazz
Pastel Map Markers by iTitoMix
Undiscovered Means Unknown - Map Markers by Brin_aSair

Be sure to check out these SkyHUD presets!
Alternative SkyHUD Presets by Kugane
Ultra Small Preset for SkyHUD by DarkDominion
BOSS - A total overhaul project for Skyrim SE by LupusHegemonia


This is a list of UI mods that I can personally recommend. Note that they are not necessarily compatible with each other.

SkyUI by SkyUI Team - Interface overhaul
Immersive HUD by Gopher - HUD when you need, hide when you don't
moreHUD SE by Ahzaab - Show more info on HUD
Hide UI by Fadingsignal - UI toggle hotkey
Better Dialogue Controls by ecirbaf  - What it says
Better Messagebox Controls by ecirbaf  - Also what it says
Sovngarde by Mist - Font replacer
Lore-based Loading Screens by Chesko - Lore-based loading screens
A Quality World Map by Chesko - High quality map


You're free to share your preset (skyhud.txt) anywhere. The rest of the mod must not be included and you must state clearly what version of the mod your preset is for.

If I happen to totally vanish from online world (unreachable) for a period of at least two years, consider this mod abandoned and available for the public to do as they see fit. I can be otherwise reached on Reddit (u/Fhaarkas).


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The SkyUI team, especially Snakster

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