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This is a preset for TrueHUD meant to emulate Nordic UI.

Permissions and credits
Nordic UI is awesome. 

True Directional Movement is awesome. 

Nordic UI has a patch for True Directional Movement's UI elements. 

TDM split its UI elements into a new mod called TrueHUD, which has even more features and is also awesome! 

Nordic UI's patch doesn't affect TrueHUD, and is now incompatible with TDM (due to the UI elements being removed from the newest version). This is not awesome. :(

This is my attempt to rectify the above. Most of the preset is tweaking color values in TrueHUD's MCM as well as porting what HUD elements I could from Nordic UI into TrueHUD using JPEXS and Inkscape, and improvising the rest. I'm not as skilled with these tools as dopesan or Ershin (hence the "ish" in the title), but I feel what I have at least invokes Nordic's style while keeping most of the functionality TrueHUD offers. 

Also, this is my first published mod, please be gentle


  1. Install TrueHUD and all of its requirements. 
  2. Download my preset. 
  3. Install my preset with your mod manager of choice. 
  4. Make sure the preset is activated and that its files overwrite any conflicting files from TrueHUD. 
  5. Make sure that the TrueHUD.ini file in my preset overwrites any other versions of that file in your load order. In the case of Mod Organizer 2, the file will be generated in the overwrite folder at the very bottom of the left-hand panel. Either move or delete that file so that my ini settings will load. 
  6. Enjoy! :)


Q: How do I get the icons shown in the bottom-right of your screenshot? 

A: Download the Widget and A Matter of Time mods. Then download and install the ESO Dark preset from Customizable UI Replacer to retexture those mods' icons. Then install Nordic UI afterwards so that its compass textures overwrite CUR's. 

Q: Will you make a patch for Dear Diary/Paper HUD/Modem UI/-insert mod here-?

A: Most likely, no, either because I don't use those mods or because their authors have publicly announced that they're working on a patch.

Let me be more direct: I don't take requests, and whatever patches I do or do not make I will get around to on my own time. And frankly, I've been asked to make a Dear Diary Dark Mode patch so many times, I'm half-convinced never to do it out of sheer pettiness. >:(

Q: How do I change the colors/move the shout icons around/move the boss bar to the top or bottom of the screen/etc?

A: Check TrueHUD's MCM. There are options there for the player HUD to separate the health/magicka/stamina bars from the new shout meter, change when they pop up, their color, etc.

Please don't ask guidance/troubleshooting questions about these options as they belong on the TrueHUD page proper.

Q: Why do I have two sets of healthbars? 

A: Either the setting to hide the vanilla HUD has been disabled, or you use iHud or a similar mod that's interacting weirdly with TrueHUD. Please check to make sure my TrueHUD.ini is not being overwritten, or if the offending HUD mod has an option to move, hide, or lower the opacity of the vanilla HUD elements (iHud for sure has such an option in its MCM menu). 

Q: Why am I having an issue with -insert weird mod conflict here-!?

A: Sir, this is a Wendy's 

*cough* Ahem. 

This preset consists of two .swf files and a text file. Whatever issue you're having with TrueHUD and the rest of your load order is 99.9% likely not caused by this mod. 

Q: Why don't the enemy healthbars look like the bars in Nordic's TDM patch? Why does the boss healthbar look like the player's healthbar? 

A: The short answer is, Ershin is too clever for his own good. The way TrueHUD is set up, the player health, magicka, stamina, and boss' healthbar all share the same base asset, just resized or recolored based on need. It's a similar story for the magicka/stamina bars for the boss and enemy UIs. Because of this, changing these elements is tricky, as changing one asset can affect multiple UI elements.

Actually, Ershin has addressed this in a recent update! A new version with better enemy and boss healthbars is coming soon!

Q: Why are you putting out your crappy imitation of a preset instead of waiting on dopesan to make the real deal like the rest of us? 

A: Because I'm impatient and wanted a patch now, and I know there are others that feel the same. Be the Change You Want to See and all that. 

Q: So you think you're just as good or better than dopesan!?


I view this, at best, as a stopgap for if/(hopefully) when dopesan makes his own patch. I don't think what I made looks bad by any means, but it's ultimately an imitation of another's art style with a little bit of me bleeding through. 

Q: Why make this mod at all? I've read before that TrueHUD and Nordic UI are already compatible!

A: The two mods are compatible in that using both won't cause the game to crash. However, TrueHUD's widgets are styled off of vanilla, which - surprise, surprise - conflicts stylistically with Nordic. You can disable TrueHUD's versions of the player bars to make it less jarring, but then you lose out on TrueHUD's ability to scale the bars based on stat numbers, reposition them in-game, use the feature that shows a "phantom" bar of how much of each stat you lost, etc, etc. 

Special Thanks To: 

  • Dopesan, for making Nordic UI (and opening his permissions to make patches/presets like this possible)
  • Ershin, for TrueHUD and True Directional Movement (and being an absolute modding wizard)!
  • Koveich, for the Sovngarde font used in the thumbnail and header images.
  • The Skyrim modding community as a whole, for continuing to breathe new life into this game for the past 10 years (with each year's mods seemingly getting better and crazier than the year before's)!