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A minimal SkyHUD preset based on the "Ultra Small Preset" by DarkDominion updated for the latest version ( 0.90b ) of SkyHUD.

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Lyrae's SkyHUD Preset

A minimal preset for SkyHUD by Fhaarkas.

Coming back to Skyrim recently I was quite taken with the screenshots of DarkDominion's Ultra Small Preset but could not get it to work with the latest version of SkyHUD. My preset is the result of several hours tweaking a clean SkyHUD preset file to my own preferences using DarkDominions work as a guide. This is not a straight port or update of the Ultra Small Preset and is not intended as such.

The font used in my screenshots is Mist's wonderful Sovngarde font replacer. If you are using the game's default font you may find some text elements ( quest updates, subtitles, notifications ) a little larger than intended and should adjust the scaling in my skyhud.txt file to your own preferences.

For reference, the load order for interface mods in my mod manager looks as follows:

  1. SkyUI
  2. SkyHUD
  3. SkyHUD - Lyrae's Preset
  4. Immersive HUD - iHUD Special Edition
  5. Sovngarde - Mist's Font Replacer

SkyUI, iHUD, and the Sovngarde font are not requirements, just recommendations.

Thank you.