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Modern minimal-fantasy UI skin with a focus on visibility and clarity.

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Modular UI skin that replaces a few menus. Made for personal use, but I figure it's ready for release. My major focuses here are twofold:


There's plenty of great UI skins/overhauls out there, but I've noticed that none of them are close enough to vanilla to be visually coherent with menus designed with vanilla in mind. Personally, I don't actually mind the vanilla menus, I just think they're outdated and have always wanted a cleaner version that got rid of the celtic knots in every corner of every menu (why, Todd? Why?). That's what I've tried to provide here - even if you only like one of my menus, it shouldn't look out of place with whatever setup you have.


This one is double-edged, as there will always be a compromise between world and menu legibility, but this setup works for me even with light fonts. I personally play with Skyrim Souls RE - Updated and find myself doing a lot of my equipping, MCM configuration, etc on the road or at least while time is passing in-game, and never liked having to guess what was going on behind a menu. The main focus of these menus is to remain legible while removing this uncertainty, and I've found it to work well enough on my setup (Azurite+Lux+Rudy or Pi-Cho) with several fonts, even with DOF off, drop shadows removed, etc. If you find a menu completely illegible, post a screenshot and we'll see if we can't brainstorm a solution for that menu.


SkYUI SE - which requires SKSE.

2.0 Features

Not On the Roadmap


Transparency: Want to play dress-up? Keep an eye out for bandits while changing equipment? Now you can.
Icons and Assets: Every asset in these menus is a scratch-made vector, and will scale infinitely without losing quality.


This mod and all its patches replace the following.

hudmenu.swf (SkyHUD)
loadingmenu.swf (Oblivion Loading Screens)
lootmenu.swf (quick loot)

Compatible with Oblivion Interaction Icons, Floating Damage, MoreHUD, Minimap, Skyrim Souls RE, etc. Also compatible with any UI or HUD mod that does not touch the above menus.

Known Issues

I haven't found any. Let me know if you find any and they shall become known.

Robot's Prescient Predictions of Questions That May Be Asked at Some Point In The Future (PPQTMBASPITF)

Q: [insert aspect ratio that isn't 16:9] support?
A: No, but if you're really interested let me know and I'll organize the assets and upload them so that you can patch your own menus. 

Q: [insert mod here] support?
A: Maybe! Depends on [mod]'s permissions, implementation, and whether or not I have anything to contribute to the design of said menu.

Q: Permissions?
A: Ask, and I will almost certainly say yes. If you don't ask, then I won't say anything!

Q: Alternate versions?
A: If you have a good idea, probably. Otherwise: probably not.

Q: Fonts? Fonts? FOOOOOOONTSSSSSSS!!!?!?!?!
A: Use whatever you like, this mod doesn't change them by default. 2.0 will generally be themed around Mops from Quill Revised. 

Q: What the **** is that tentacle thing in the tween menu?
A: It's you!

Not a Q: [Insert element] is ugly!
A: Yup! If you want to contribute a replacement vector or a great idea, I will be happy to include it.

Not a Q: I don't like [menu from this mod]
A: Why? I am open to criticism, so speak up!


SkyUI by Schlangster and Mardoxx
Inkscape 1.1
The guys in the general who said this looked cool
Wirodeu for Clean Menu - basis of the altered start menu included in this mod.
uranreactor for scripts for reordered quest journal, fullscreen MCM, and a huge amount of inspiration.
Fhaarkas for SkyHUD
any mods that I have included patches for (comprehensive list above)

Mod Creation Soundtrack

These were on loop the entire time I was working on this mod. Not included or anything.

REOL - Sigma
Sleigh Bells - Treats
King Gizzard - Eyes Like The Sky
Houshou Marine (宝鐘マリン) - Unison
Calliope Mori - Roki (Cover)
Shellac - The End of Radio
Sheogorath - Zoom
STRFKR - Miracle Mile

Tehty Suomessa - Made in Finland.