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Replaces the braziers in Windhelm.

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A little mod which replaces the braziers in Windhelm with a new model.  I didn't like the models for most of the braziers in Windhelm and really liked the stone cage braziers I saw in Lanterns of Skyrim II, so I replaced them.  I've also replaced many of their fires with larger, more fitting versions. 

Plugin and patches are ESL flagged.

I've created versions for Dawn of Skyrim's and JK's Skyrim's Windhelm overhauls.  If you use DoS only use that version.  If you use JK's then only use that version.  If you use DoS and JK's (with this patch) then use both. If your using the standalone versions JK's Windhelm or Dawn of Windhelm try changing the master using Wrye Bash or just use the vanilla version.  For other city overhauls I recommend using the vanilla version and just checking to see if braziers are clipping.  There are also the versions that I originally created to be compatible with Lanterns of Skyrim II, with DoS and JK versions or both JK and DoS.

Other patches provided is Capital Windhelm Expansion with support only for JK Skyrim and vanilla versions. No CWE DoS patch yet until the patch for this combo is updated on the CWE page (currently the patch there uses the old DoS master).
In addition there is a Tamriel Master light patch for each of the install options as well Ember XD and patch combo variations of them all. The CWE patches for JK Skyrim rely on the patches from Capital Windhelm Expansion and JK Skyrim - United so make sure to grab them as well.

Regarding the patches for Embers XD here, if your using Embers HD instead you should ignore the Ember XD patches here entirely as there is no patching needed for Windhelm Braziers and Embers HD.

Patches covered for various mods:
Faction - Pit Fighter - Revamped
JK's Palace of the Kings
Windhelm Expansion - Grey Quarter
Embers XD
Lanterns Of Skyrim II
Tamriel Master Lights - Both the Cities and No Cities version is covered
Dawn of Skyrim
JK's Skyrim
JK's Skyrim - Dawn of Skyrim
Capital Windhelm Expansion

Alabastard and InstantKor have also graciously provided their patches and created the fomod.

Original inspiration from Lanterns of Skyrim II by Wizkid34.
Witcher brazier model from Witcher Decor in High Definition SE by winedave.
Xtudo for letting me know about the resource and porting to LE.
Alabastard for their patches.
InstantKor for their patches.