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Based on the mod Windhelm Brazier Replacer - this mod replaces the braziers in Windhelm without the need for patches using Base Object Swapper.

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I've always hated the look of the brazier in Windhelm, and Windhelm Brazier Replacer has always been my go-to replacement. However, depending on your setup of Windhelm, patches can be tricky. Now that Base Object Swapper exists, it's a much easier task, with just one ESP! Simply let this mod overwrite the ESP from Windhelm Bazier Replacer.


Main File:
Capital Windhelm Expansion
Windhelm Docks Pathways
Windhelm Bridge Overhaul
JK's Skyrim - Untested! I don't use this mod, so if you see anything not right, please let me know!
Lanterns of Skyrim II

Dawn of Skyrim Edition:
All of the above
Dawn of Skyrim - I had to make Dawn of Skyrim a separate file as there were some conflicts with how Base Object Swapper affected some vanilla braziers touched by Dawn of Skyrim.

Windhelm Brazier Replacer
Base Object Swapper

Simply let this mod's ESP overwrite the ESP from Windhelm Bazier Replacer. Updating to newer versions will be safe as all swaps are done via an ini file.

There are a lot of combinations of patches for the various mods this one covers. I haven't tested with every combination, so if you notice anything wrong, please let me know. I'm also considering this a beta release until I get some feedback.

I intend to add Embers XD to the compatibility list, but it is a little more work so that will come with an update.

One or two braziers were left alone as the new model didn't fit in the places they were used. For example, a few instances in Capital Windhelm Expansion where they're up near a ceiling in a tunnel, or Windhelm Bridge Overhaul where NPCs are cooking over them. Also Ulfrics throne. If you don't like this decision, there are 2 choices:
1. Edit the ini to include these objects.
2. Use a second appearance replacer. Also good alternatives if these cage-like models are not to your taste. I have 2 favorites:
Windhelm Brazier - Vanilla Plus (High-ish Poly) Replacer
Windhelm Brazier High Poly Replacer - 2K 4K