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This mod adds rolling sound to tk dodge.

Permissions and credits
For Skyrim LE :

This mod adds rolling sound to dodge animation. It is script free.

Rolling sound record from Code Vein.
If you don't like it this mod have other rolling sounds,feel free to replace my sound file.

Highly recommend merge my esp plugin with Tk dodge esp plugin.

Required tk dodge mod

This mod is script free.
The ESP plugin only have sound records.
Just delete my files in your mod manager.

Known issues
No dodge sound play when equiping spell or staff in right hand.
I don't know how to fix it and don't want to spend time on this.
But you can use "Dynamic Animation Replacer" change the rolling dodge animation to step dodge animation when equiping spell or staff in right hand.
I uploaded custom conditions for this.(Tested)

Renamed the step dodge animation files from "tk dodge" mod and place into:

e.g. Stepdodgeforward.hkx ->  sneakrun_forwardroll.hkx
       Stepdodgeback.hkx      ->  dodgeback.hkx
       Stepdodgeleft.hkx        ->  dodgeleft.hkx
       Stepdodgeright.hkx      ->  dodgeright.hkx



tktk1  TK Dodge


Version 0-ESL-flagged (04/08/2021)
       1. Rewritten motion data to reduce the auto movement after dodge
       2. Added Eskyrim step dodge animation(inserted motion data)

Version 0-ESL-flagged (03/08/2021)

Version 0-ESL-flagged (30/12/2020)
  • eh.....ESL flagged ESP
  • Deleted unnecessary record,sorry for the mistake.
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