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I'm not good at English. It takes time to write in English. Also, I would like to spend as much time on mod creation as possible to make a good mod. In addition, I'm spending time with the mod community in Japan.
Therefore, my support is not sufficient. Thanks for supporting instead of me.


Paypal donation is not available in Japan. But it is possible for Patreon or ko-fi.





ko-fi in my page. $3-



Donation is very helpful. I can increase the production time.



Load map (2019/06/08 yyyy:mm:dd)

TK Battle Arts - Adds new attacks for player. It's TK Combat without magic.

Pretty Face - I'm preparing new version.

Cute Eyes - I'm going to remake it.



If you cannot send a private message to me, send me by following ways.


Twitter: https://twitter.com/tktk_1

Discord: tktk mod channel

My Japanese blog: https://tktk1.net/skyrim/

My English blog: https://skyrimshot.blogspot.com/

E-mail: tktk11111[at]gmail.com



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