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I'm not good at English. Sorry for not supporting well enough. And thanks for supporting instead of me.

I require a long time to reply. If reply to all comments, I do not get time to make a mod.

And I focus on supporting mod community in Japanese. Please understand these points.


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TK Battle Arts - Adds new attacks for player. It's TK Combat without magic.


Porting my mods in Skyrim Special Edition

Porting of the following two mods is very difficult.

  • Ultimate Combat
  • Ultimate Dragons

Because I use the SKSE plugin library which made by himika. But, I'm out of touch with her.

I'm looking for someone who can help with porting InsertAttackData.dll.
The source and the library are below.



If you cannot send a private message to me, send me by following ways.



Discord: tktk mod channel

My English blog:

E-mail: tktk11111[at]



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