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Fix the 3rd Person bow&crossbow aiming misalignment when using nemesis with TK dodge

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Recently I try to modify behavior for my weapon art of my weapon buff,And i need to modify the 1hm_behavior.hkx for this.But that will conflict my previous method to fix the bug
Therefore, i want to fix the bug by using other method,And i did it. :D


Use Mod manager to install.My mod must load after Nemesis
Or just overwrite the file inside of Nemesis

For The Ultimate Dodge Mod(TUDM) user want to use this fix,please check the sticky post 

-Turning Animation Won't Affect UpperBody patch in Nemesis
This bug fix won't work If you use Turning Animation Won't Affect UpperBody Patch and load after TK dodge patch in Nemesis
So use the same way as sticky post,change the priority in Nemesis.(TK dodge patch load after Turning Animation Won't Affect UpperBody patch)

-TK Dodge RE - Script Free
If you are using TK dodge RE v4.05a or higher, you do not need this mod.

0:05 - 0:15 Proving i am using Nemesis with Skysa + Tk dodge
0:16 - 0:38 After using my bug fix

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