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This mod will force player enter large stagger animation if triggered.Cant walk or run during large staggering anymore.
But You can dodge when enter large\largest stagger animation.
No ESP plugin and script

Permissions and credits
For Skyrim LE:

Recently using "Active full body stagger" in Wildcat,i think it is fine if player get small or medium stagger,but if player getting largest stagger it may too "hardcore".Especially when dragon landing or giant\lurker attack with dirt explosion cause staggering(cant block and hard to dodge it),you need to wait 3 seconds until the stagger animation finish and sometime you can't jump out when staggering.
So i make a mod that allow player can dodge when large staggering.

0:49 showcase player can dodge when large staggering


In vanilla skyrim player can move when getting large stagger.
After install this mod.If player getting large stagger,this mod will force player to enter large stagger animation.Player cannot walk or run when getting large stagger.Even you don't use "Active full body stagger" feature in Wildcat.
Player can dodge when large\largest staggering,NPC can't.
Player still cant dodge when small or medium staggering if using "Active full body stagger" feature in Wildcat.


Required latest Dynamic Animation Replacer

Required Nemesis Run nemesis, in its mod list find and check the "Cancelable large stagger", update, launch

Required TK Dodge ※If using TUDM The Ultimate Dodge Mod Attack Cancel is

Recommend Wildcat "Active full body stagger" in MCM(Feel free to tell me if there have other mods can active full body stagger)

How to test
1.After install,load your save and open console,type "coc qasmoke" and "player.setav health 12345"
2.Go to enemy testing room,press the fifth dwemer button,spawn a lurker and get stomp by it.You will get large staggering by this attack,try to dodge when large staggering.

Known issue

If player equiping spell\stave in right hand and "Active full body stagger" feature in Wildcat,player still cant dodge when large staggering(maybe update in future).


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