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TK dodge script free remake edition, also with several features improvement.

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Warning! Delete all the Nemesis output when you update to V0.45a!


This's a remake edition of tktk's awesome TK Dodge SE. It's script free: all of it functions are excuting through SKSE plugin and game behaviour engine, which means you won't get any script delay when perform dodge no matter how heavy your script enviorment is.

Beside, this remake edition also has several features improvement and bugs fixed compared to the original TK Dodge:

  1. For stamina consumption: player will only reduce stamina after successfully perform a dodge animation, stamina consumption only trigger when receive a callback animation event from the dodge behaviour. Therefore, you won't get your stamina drained anymore by pressing the dodge hotkey while jumping.
  2. For Invincibility frames: Remake edtion fixed the "Cannot recover or get anything effects during dodge's invincibility" bug of original TK Dodge SE.
  3. For dodge direction: Remake edition fixed the dodge direction repeating issue that occurs when you continually perform dodging before the previous dodge animation finished.
  4. For Compatibility: Compatible with True Direction Movement by itself, not need extra patch anymore.
  5. For God Mode: Not stamina consumption when enable TGM.
  6. For Third Person bows aiming misalignment: This issue already fixed in TK Dodge RE, Loop had merged his fix patch into the mod.

How To Install: 


Delete files from original TK Dodge SE:
To remove the script affect of the original edition, you have to delete these files from the mod files before install: the entire "Interface", "Scripts", "SKSE" folders as well as the "TKDodge.esp" file.
The only thing you should keep is the "Meshes" folder which contains only the dodge animation , as the picture shown below:

For FNIS Users:
This mod is incompatible with FNIS, please use Nemesis instead!

For Nemesis Users:
  • Install TK Dodge RE with Mod Manager.
  • Ensure that the "TK Dodge RE" is load after the "Nemesis" and override the "TKUC" patch files inside "Nemesis". You should see somethings likes that if you are using MO2. (If you are using Vortex, you will also need to delete all those ".vortex_backup" files inside your Nemesis folder.)
  • Open Nemesis. If your files overriding in previous stage is correct, you should see the patch "TK Dodge RE / Ultimate Combat" here, if not then your previous stage must went wrong! Click this patch and install it if you do see it.

For Non-FNIS & Non-Nemesis Users:
  • Install TK Dodge RE with Mod Manager.
  • Ensure that TK Dodge RE is loaded after the TK Dodge SE as well as the Ultimate Combat (If installed). Let the "1hm_behavior.hkx" and "magicbehavior.hkx" files from TK Dodge RE override the others.
  • Please notice that the step dodge will not work without Nemesis.

Configure the INI Settings:

Open "Data\SKSE\Plugins\TK Dodge RE.ini" file to configure the mod settings before enter the game:

  • DodgeHotkey: Map the Hotkey that perform dodge, go to this site to check the corresponding key code:
  • EnableTappingDodge: Set the dodge perform by tapping sprint button, that will replace the dodge hotkey with sprint key. Require Classic Sprinting Redone ( to work.
  • StepDodge: Set if perform step dodge instead of rolling dodge, "true" is enable while "false" is disable. This feature requires Nemesis to work.
  • DodgeStamina: Set the stamina cost when perform dodge.
  • iFrameDuration: Set the duration of invincibility frames, unit : second(s). Requires I-Frame Generator

Compatibility Issues: 

Compatible with:

Incompatible with:

  • tktk1 for his TK Dodge SE.
  • omg1234(loop) for helping fix the first person behaviour well and the third person bows aiming misalignment bug.
  • Ershin for his Dodge Framework source code.
  • Fudgyduff for his commonLibSSE.