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Want to drink potion with animation in combat just like Dark Soul I?
Are you tired to collect ingredients to create unstable magnitude potion?
Hating to set hotkey again if potion magnitude is different?
Having some problems with other drinking potion mod?

Then fear not,this mod is for you.

Permissions and credits
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This mod add 3 potions in game.When you consume these potions,an animation will take place when you draw your weapon.

[Healing potion]
Restore 150 points of health.Restore more HP based on player "Base Health".
If player base health ≥ 250,restore extra 25 HP
If player base health ≥ 300,restore extra 50 HP
If player base health ≥ 350,restore extra 75 HP
If player base health ≥ 400,restore extra 100 HP
If player base health ≥ 450,restore extra 125 HP
If player base health ≥ 500,restore extra 150 HP

[Magicka potion]
Restore 100 points of Magicka.
Restore extra 25 MP if player base magicka ≥ 200.
Restore extra 50 MP if player base magicka ≥ 300.

[Stamina potion]

Restore 120 points of Stamina.Restore 12 points of stamina per second(6s).
If player base stamina ≥ 200,restore extra 25 SP
If player base stamina ≥ 250,restore extra 50 SP
If player base stamina ≥ 300,restore extra 80 SP

Don't give NPC my mod potion,It is useless when NPC use.

How to get
You can use cook pot to create these potions and spell tome:Exchange potion
Blue Mountain Flower + Wheat = 3 Healing potions
Red Mountain Flower + Giant Lichen = 3 Magicka potions
Scaly Pholiota + Fly Amanita = 3 Stamina potions
{"Regenerate Stamina" ingredients in the [Stamina potion] recipe because there is no other plantable ingredients for "Restore Stamina" except Purple Mountain Flower,)

(new) Version 1.0
1 Gold = Spell tome:Exchange potion  <---This recipe won't show up if you learned [Exchange potion].

You can use "[Exchange Potion]" lesser power,exchange vanilla restore potion to my mod potion.

Don't give NPC my mod potion,It is useless when NPC use.

After playing some quest mod with Potions Animated Fix, i decide to make this mod.
Compared to Potions Animated Fix, my mod can do:

1.No need Fnis or Nemesis

2.Lighter script
One simple script only.

3.Hidden weapon when drink potion
Use my trick to hidden weapon when drinking my potion,pure HKX animation file work.So it won't force you to sheathe your weapon when drink potion.

4.No redraw your weapon after drink potion
True "Stay in combat".You don't waste a second to redraw your weapon after drink my potion in combat.
Your weapon return to your hand from nowhere, just like dark soul.

5.Animation freezing bug won't happen when using this mod

6.You don't need to set your hotkey again if potion magnitude is different

7.Potion bottle in hand when drinking my potion

8.You can't move while drinking potion but you can dodge.

Required Dynamic Animation Replacer
Custom condition number is 1284 please check if you have other mod using the same number.

Highly recommend use with Hotkeys mod like
soul quick menu

1.Remove my potions from your hotkey mod.
2.Save & Exit
3.Delete my files in your mod manager.

My script is not constant script

I don't make compatibility patch for other alchemy/perk/potion mod.

Any lifelike mod don't forces you drink potion with animation while combat stance(after draw weapon) will be compatible.

-Animated Eating Redux 
My potion don't active Animated Eating Redux animation even turn on "Sheathe Weapon when using potion" in MCM.

author of "Dynamic Animation Replacer"

Drinking animation base on "idledrinkpotion.hkx" ,port back to 3dsmax and modify by myself.

Support me:
1:07 Potion animation showcase

This mod already satisfy what i need so I don't have much passion for other request or suggestion.


13:30 MOD showcase


Version 1.1 (8/2/2021)
>Uploaded option file "Simple Potion without Animation" for "zxlice's ultimate potion animation" user.

Version 1.1 (20/10/2020)
> Fixed animation issue when left hand equipping shield or spell
,JDM showcased this at the video beginning ( ; ω ; )

Version 1.03 (18/10/2020)
> Update Dynamic Animation Replacer custom condition file
,sorry for the stupid mistake.

Version 1.0 (18/10/2020)
> Add "[Exchange potion]" lesser power for vanilla restore potion,now you have a reason to pickup vanilla restore potion when using this mod.
I already thought about how to deal with vanilla restore potion when this mod release,modify/override vanilla restore potion definitely have compatibility issues to other alchemy/perk/potion mod.I don't make compatibility patchs.
So use vanilla restore potion as ingredient to keep its still useful and avoid compatibility issues is a good idea for me.

Version 0.5 (17/10/2020 )
> Add "[Stamina potion]" and recipe
> Tweak the size of potion bottle

Version 0.0 (14/10/2020)
> Mod release


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