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About this mod

This mod adds dodge animation of using key press when player drawn weapons,spell,staff and unarmed.

Permissions and credits
  • Turkish
  • Mandarin


Kept you waiting! Porting toAE!

If you use language setting of FNIS 7.5.1 is other than English, the patch will be misaligned. The
patch does not apply correctly, Dodge will not work properly. You need
to set to English on FNIS.

This mod adds dodge animation of using key tapping when player drawn weapons, spell, staff and unarmed.

Dodge using

Directional keys (W,A,S,D) + Dodge key (Default:Left Alt key)
Double-tapping directional keys

Analog stick + Dodge button(Default:LB)
Double-tilting analog stick (Example:tilt left->neutral position->tilt left = left dodge)

Short press (press and release a button quickly) or double tap in the forward direction.
It can be changed to front direction + Dodge key in MCM.

  • Quick response.
  • Enable dodge when the player is equipped spell and staff.
  • Player has invincible time at the start of dodge. 
  • Dodge enables cancel attack and block.
  • Enable Double-Tapping.
  • Enable setting in MCM.
  • Light load and stable.


Skyrim SE
Skyrim 1.5.97
SKSE64 2.0.17
SkyUI 5.2SE

Skyrim AE

Skyrim 1.6.353
SKSE64 2.1.5
SkyUI 5.2SE

If you do not install SKSE,
"skse64_1_5_50.dll", "skse_loader64.exe", "skse64_steam_loader.dll" and "Data" Folder move to your Skyrim Installation Folder.
(<Steam install folder>\Steam\steamapps\common\skyrimspecialedition\)

1. Install and activate TKDodge.esp with your mod manager.
2. If player can dodge but stay in place and you use virtual mod management tool e.g. Mod Organizar, put files directly in Skylim's Data folder.

Use with FNIS
This mod works without FNIS, but a patch is required if you use with FNIS together.

1. Download FNIS 7.1+.
2. Run "Data \ tools \ GenerateFNIS_for_Users \ GenerateFNISforUsers.exe".
3. Check tktk1's "TK Dodge / Ultimate Combat" from the bottom patch list.
4. Press "Update FNIS Behavior".
5. Wait until the installation is complete.

Optional Files
"TK Dodge For RE" is used for TK Dodge RE.
It only contains the meshes folder.

Open the Console Command Window.
Type the following:
StopQuest aaaTKDodgeQuest

Save and close Skyrim, and then delete the files in your mod manager.

If SkyUI 5.2SE is installed, there will be a Dodge Mod menu in SkyUI’s Mod Configuration Menu with various options.

Control Settings

- Input Method
Choose operation to use the dodge.
  • Keyboard: dodgekey + directionalkey.
  • GamePad: dodgebutton + directions.
  • Simple: press dodge key to dodge to back.

- DodgeKey
  Press the chosen key for the dodge action. (default: Keyboard:left-alt or XBox controller:LB)

- Double tap input
  Set whether or not to accept input by double tap.

- Choose operation to use Forward double-tapping.
  • Do Nothing: OFF
  • DodgeRoll: Dodge roll
  • Sprint: Sprint

Other Settings

- StaminaCost
   Set dodge stamina cost. Default:10.0

- InvincibleTime
   Set invincible time while dodging. Default:0.3

- Carry Condition
   Dodge is not available when player over the carry weight limit. If the player cannot dodge always, try to disable this option.

- Step Dodge
  Note: Required FNIS for use. You can switch from roll dodge to step dodge.


Player cannot dodge

Try following six ways.

  • Drawn a weapon.
  • Uncheck "Carry Condition" in MCM, if you modify carry weight.
  • Set control settings to default in MCM.
  • Redownload and reinstall SKSE and this mod.
  • Save a game and then reload the save.
  • Open the Console Command Window.Type the following:
    StopQuest aaaTKDodgeQuest
    StartQuest aaaTKDodgeQuest

Player can dodge, but cannot move from a place.
If you use virtualization mod management tool such as Mod Organizer, the
necessary file(data\meshes\~AnimationDataSingleFile.txt) may not be
generated in that case.

Copy this mod files of all to "Skyrim's folder\Data folder" directly.
Or try to work below steps.
  • Open file explorer navigate to your \steam\steamapps\common\skyrim folder.
  • Right click on TES.exe then choose Properties.
  • Select the Compatibility tab, then click the box by Run this program as an administrator. Click Ok...done
  • Do the above steps also with skse_loader.exe and your mod manager e.g. NexusClient.exe or ModOrganizer.exe

Known issues/bugs
Cannot recover or get anything effects during dodge's invincibility.

It is compatible but the patch is necessary. Refer to the installation "use with FNIS".

- Proper Spell Casting Direction
- Dual Dagger Power Attack Speed Fix

Equivalent features are included.

Special Thanks

Supports are welcome
I cannot accept donations by Paypal in my country. It is possible for patreon or ko-fi.

ko-fi in my page. $3-