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A script to "clean up" some questionable edits from WICO - Windsong Immersive Character Overhaul

Permissions and credits
I wrote a script to alter the WICO - Immersive People plugin to better fit to MY liking.
Personally, I think mods should only touch what they need to and stay in the scope of the
goal. This probably steams from my desire of an automated patcher and knowing some
of the "complications".

Version 2.0 of the script is better written but it still isn't a good example. I have some
interesting "use" stuff when it comes to certain things. I handle a majority of potential
issues inside the script so no more need to be super careful, but I can't cure stupid.
I have not commented my code, if you are curious of some aspect of it, I'll attempt to
answer it.
The scope of this script is now slightly larger, if you have a mod that alters NPCs and you
want to keep their look, but forward all the needed edits from other mods like USSEP, CRF
and so on then this script is for you.
All my options are defaulted to handle WICO but it should apply in most circumstances.

Side note: Why do authors take their files down where no one can get them? I never
understood this, if I don't want to support something, I wont lurk on it and leave it abandoned.
If you ever want something I made, ask for it, I have no issues with it being out there,
granted if I still have it.

Instructions on use:
  Its a script... 
  • Copy file(s) into the "Edit Scripts" folder that is next to xEdit.exe
  • Load up xEdit with the mod that you want to alter at the end <- Important
  • Find and run the script, its "Hishy_" something
  • Select the options you want to overwrite in the selected mod
  • BSA cleaning is not yet implemented!
  • Optionally sort masters, I think this is pointless as the plugin doesnt care about your load order at all
  • Profit?

  Please only load the files you want to inherit changes from. 
  For WICO users:
    Do NOT use USSEP patch or BSA. <- Important

  When I was design and testing this script I used only USSEP and WICO. You can probably load
  just WICO, but people should use USSEP. You can have other mods before WICO if you want to
  inherit their changes, this would be useful for NPC Protect Redux or CRF as it keeps the 
  alterations made by WICO but inherits the much needed changes. Keep in mind when doing
  that, you need to have any of the mods before this conflict resolved because I just take the
  entire previous field as a whole and stick it in WICO.

How do I use xEdit?:
  Do the googles.

How do I script in xEdit?:
  I can help you with the more advanced stuff but as a pure beginner, look at the wiki and
  example scripts

Edits that I default to kept:
  I kept any edits that would interfere with facegen as I did NOT want to mess with that.
  This includes everything that is related to face tint, head parts, skin textures, race and etc.

  If you do get black faces, let me know, I'll compare and maybe make adjustments, but I
  could of swore I accounted for everything that facegen touches.

What do I consider a wild edit:
  I only do this for two fields, texture color and weight.
  The ck seems to edit these randomly and add/subtract it by a vary minute amount.
  For the texture lighting, I kept the entire field if any ONE sub field has a value that differs by
  greater than 2 from the previous value. You'd be surprised how many ITPOs this causes for WICO.

  For the weight, I consider a weight difference of less than 0.01 from the previous override to be
  a wild edit.

If you want to keep some aspect about this mod:
  Just find the four letter(typically) field id and then locate that part in the GUI and untick it.

  Please be aware that I don't conflict resolve anything. If you want to keep some added item in a list,
  the best way is to comment out the function with 'Items' as the id then go through the conflicts by
  hand. Its no where near as bad as going through the entire plugin without the script.

If you want to remove weight changes:
  Uncheck NAM7's stuff

Can't I just upload X version of the WICO plugin:
  Well, its that grey area when it comes to permissions.
  I can claim that the original file is required and this is only a heavily modified plugin, but that is 
  really up to the mods at that point.
  I have sent a pm to the author, it wasn't even looked at.