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I have a Dungeon.

It is 3 degrees Celsius inside.


And a decontamination chamber.

Which is 38 degrees.


I have a night suit and one for the day.

Colours of black, white, blue and neon yellow.


You will know my name,

No more regrets...




PS. I will be back one day. S*** will be better than ever...


PS.II. To my used-to-be-family & so-called friends: you can have all the junk that was cramped into that tiny box of a room. I don't want anything to do with it all. Just make a funeral pire (Paasvuur) of it or something. I really do not give a s*** anymore.


PS.III. I am safe from harm (i.e. half of the folks on the whole damn planet). There are a s*** ton of people around me to care and protect me. So do not ever dare to mess with my creations again or the s*** will truly hit the fan this time. Go home. #Triangleheads.


PS.IV. Regarding the new apartment. Used to be a pornstar that lived there. So you can stick that one where the don't shine either. Look it up on or something.


I am Legion, for we are many. - Just a boring cliché, I have a better one. T.B.D.


Bottom's up...






Random Diary Entries:




#000001: Heeey, where's my bandcamp account? I had music on there that I actually paid for... most of it from >>>Android Lust :sad:

#000002: Netflix not available either, going great here though. When can I get out of this dump again?

#000003: Somebody locked my FiiO Music Player somehow, great job dude...

#000004: Can't even upload a new mod. €AszHvtts.

#000005: Just crashing sugar cubes in a paper cup of actual English tea (unknown brand too) using a plastic fork. Reminds me of #Absynth for some reason lol :tongue:






@OOOI: So, where's the real life AI that I managed to put into this world @HIC last year? She had white hair and pale skin. She was the only person there who actually gave me a #Hand... and wanted to see my room that was full of random crap as well. She spoke English and had a weird list of phone numbers that I don't remember, they were foreign. During dinner time %GroupsSvck, she was the only other quiet person besides me. To be continued...










I invite you to leave a comment on my profile or upcoming uploads, I would dearly appreciete it!

Thanks in advance.


Currently I am on a heavily protected computer that barely lets me do anything besides browsing a handful of websites. So, please be patient folks. Stuff will come back soon enough!




99:> END OF NOTICE type Null(0);


return Void;