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A new dock district outside Solitude that adds several new general item vendors, an inn with a rent-able room, a bakery, smithy and apothecary. There is also a free to use player home with all the crafting and storage necessary for any busy Dragonborn.

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What is this?

The Solitude Docks are said to be the largest and busiest in all of Skyrim. What we see in the game is one dock with two ships ready to unload their goods. I wanted to change that. There are a multitude of other Solitude Dock mods and city mods that add docks but in my opinion they add TOO much. I tried to keep things feeling as vanilla as possible with this mod.

What is added?

An entire new village hosting street vendors and shops. A new Inn called the Fo'c's'le in reference to Oblivion. The inn has a large comfortable rent able room and is a known hangout for traveling merchants. The Under the Arch Smithy where Haaking Hard-Heart works his forge for the ships and local guard. The Bread and Batter Bakery has the freshest sweetest pies in Solitude. Wandering the streets you'll never run out of vendors to browse and haggle with.

There is also a free player home containing a large master bedroom, a follower room and a bedroom for two children. You will need to use a mod such as My home is Your Home for follows and the likes to live here. The home has a basement enchanting lab, alchemy lab, and forge plus a sharpening wheel and a workbench. All storage in the home is safe.

Newly Ported to Xbone !

Due to the hard work of user greenwarden here on the nexus Solitude Docks can now be enjoyed on console by following the link above! Thanks for the help greenwarden!
Sforzinda for testing the mod on Xbone and the banner art on the bethnet page.

New Version 1.45 is up! Minor fixes and a custom Inn sign courtesy of Sandman53

Important for updating: When updating to 1.45 remove all items from the player house if you use it. That includes weapons, armor, children etc. Anything you don't want to lose.
If you find you've become encumbered hit the ~ button and type TGM.
Now leave the Docks area, head into Solitude into the WInking Skeever, Riften, Whiterun, etc. Just anywhere else. Save and Exit.
Deactivate the ESP in your load order. Start up Skyrim load the save file you just created. Now, save again.
Exit the game and reactivate the ESP in your mod manager of choice. Reload the game and you can head back to the Docks and enjoy!

What is Compatible?
Anything that DOESN'T specifically edit the area outside Solitude near the East Empire Warehouse. Such as other Docks mods, or large player homes.
However, there are a few mods that edit the area that MAY be compatible such as:

Investigated Compatibility by myself

Skyrim Underground: Compatible
RS Children: Compatible with Patch Compendium
Sewers of Skyrim: Compatible
Solitude Exterior Addon: Compatible and Highly Recommended
Solitude Skyway: Incompatible will cause clipping
Solitude Expansion: Incompatible
Better Docks: Incompatible

Reported Compatibility from users

Better Cities Solitude: Compatible
The Scarlett: Compatible
Haafinheim: Compatible
Hidden Hideouts of Skyrim Cities: Compatible

This list will be updated with feedback from you, the consumer.

What about Load Order?
The mod should ideally be loaded somewhere in the middle of your load order. But there are some mods that require this to be before or after it. Those mods are listed below:
Landscape Fixes for Grass Mods
: Load BEFORE Solitude Docks


Simply click download with NMM and use the NMM or your mod organizer of choice

Manual Installation:
Download and unzip the 7zip file.
Find your Data folder, usually in Steam/steamapps/common/SkyrimSpecialEdition/Data
Place the ESP, Meshes and Textures into the Data folder.
Then activate it through your Skyrim Launcher

Used Assets:

Fo'c's'le Inn Sign by Sandman53
Paintings and Frames by Artisanix
New Beddings by Mirrou4ka
Modding Skyrim-Modders Edition a modders guide by Matthiaswagg