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Makes Karthwasten the mining community it always should have been!

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The Great Town of Karthwasten

Big thanks to Arctic Scrolls for showcasing this mod :)

Karthwasten is a small mining town located in the Reach. It is the only major settlement left in the Reach still owned by a Reachman. The Reach is torn apart by conflict between it's Nord rulers and the native forsworn. In between this conflict lies Karthwasten. Resisting any attempt by the Nords to claim it but still loyal to Jarl Igmund of the Reach much to the dismay of the Forsworn.

The Great Town of Karthwasten overhauls this community into a local hub. The old farmhouse style has been replaced by a new custom made building set (exteriors) for the Reach inspired by Breton architecture though still fitting for the more primitive nature of the Reach. Interiors use the Solitude tileset. With this I hope to make the cultural differences of the Reach more apparent. Added are 5 new npcs. Now you can find a new blacksmith, apothecary, farms and an inn. The buildings use the Solitude texture set and are thus affected by any texture overhaul that affects Solitude. The screenshots were taken with Noble Skyrim installed.

This mod is not compatible with any mod that significantly alters the area around Karthwasten or it's interiors.

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