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Changes the Standing Stones to fit more with the Oblivion and Morrowind Birthsigns. Adds Birthsign Stones, Heaven Stones and Rune Stones with powers scattered throughout the land of Skyrim and Solstheim,

Permissions and credits
As of 6-6-2024.....I am going to start back modding.  I will be rebuilding all of my mods from scratch.  Once I release the new mods, I will no longer be supporting my old mods.  I am excited about being back.  I have no ETA when the mods will be released due to health issues but I am going to keep at it.  See you all soon.

Dark Skyrim Overhaul Project

Changes the stats of the Standing Stones to fit more in line with the Oblivion and Morrowind birthsigns.
Adds the Birthsign Stones, Heaven Stones and Rune Stones to the land of Skyrim and Solstheim.
All the Stones have powers that resemble those in Oblivion and Morrowind.

Standing Stones


The Apprentice Stone
Today the Apprentice shall serve you at the forge of destiny!
Fortify Magicka: 100 points of extra Magicka.
Weakness to Magic: 100% weakness to Magicka.

The Atronach Stone
Today the Atronach shall aid you with your appointed burden!
Fortify Magicka: 150 points of extra Magicka.
Spell Absorption: 50% chance to absorb the spell cast on you.
Stunted Magicka: No Magicka regeneration.

The Lady Stone
Today the Lady shall fortify you in your quest for glory!
Recover Health: Health recovers 25% faster.
Recover Stamina: Stamina recovers 25% faster.
Honey Sweet Words: Your Speechcraft is 25% better.

The Lord Stone
Today the Lord shall prove a faithful patron as you confront your fate!
Damage Resist: You have 50 points of damage resistance.
Blood of the North: Health recovers 25% faster.
Trollkin Curse: 25% weakness to fire.

The Lover Stone
Today the Lover shall sweeten your journey as you confront your fate.
Lover's Kiss: Once Per Day - Paralyze all targets in the area for 30 seconds at the cost of draining your stamina..

The Mage Stone
Today the Mage shall light your way on the paths of glory!
Fortify Magicka: 50 points of extra Magicka.
Magicka Regeneration: Magicka recovers 25% faster.
Fortify Magic: Spells are 25% stronger from all magic schools.

The Ritual Stone
Today the Ritual shall speed you on your star-patterned path!
Reanimate: Once A Day - Reanimate all dead around you for 5 minutes.

The Serpent Stone
Today the Serpent shall sting the foes who seek your blood!
Cobra's Dance: Once A Day - Paralyze a target for 5 seconds and do 150 points of damage to Health, Stamina and Magicka over 30 seconds.

The Shadow Stone
Today the Shadow shall hide you destiny's cunning hounds!
Shadow Step: Once A Day - Sneak is 25% better, muffled and invisibility for 60 seconds.

The Steed Stone
Today the Steed shall speed your progress on your road to destiny!
Fortify Carryweight:  Carryweight increased by 100 points.
Gallop: You move 15% faster.

The Thief Stone
Today the Thief shall guide your steps on the road to destiny!
Thief Skills: Your Speechcraft is 10% better and move 10% faster.  Your Sneak, Light Armor, Pickpocket and lockpicking skills are 25% better.

The Tower Stone
Today the Tower shall prove a stout refuge in time of need!
Unchanged  Unlock Expert: Once A Day - Unlock Expert or lesser locks.

The Warrior Stone
Today the Warrior shall prove a stalwart companion when fortune fades!
The Knight: Stamina recovers 25% faster. Heavy Armor, Block, One-Handed and Two-Handed skills are 25% better.

The Birthsign Stones
Birthsign Stones grant one of several powers specific to that stone.  These powers can only be obtained one at a time.  You can't have more than one birthsign stone power at a time.  The stone effects last 15 minutes but you can have them multiple times a day.  The Birthsign Stones have a tall rune-covered monolith in the center of a circle of stones.  The Birthsign Stones have a red glow to them and sometimes rare flora growing around them.  When you acquire a Birthsign Stone, you do not lose the abilities of shrine blessings or Standing Stone powers.

The Apprentice Birthstone
Void Seed: Illusion, Potions and Poisons are 20% stronger for 15 minutes.

The Atronach Birthstone
Arcane Well: Chance to absorb 30% spells cast on you and Fortify your Magicka by 20 points by 15 minutes. 

The Lady Birthstone
Lady's Warding: Restoration is 20% stronger and Fortify you Stamina by 20 points by 15 minutes.

The Lord Birthstone
Ysmir's Scales: Resist Frost by 50%. Fortify Light and Heavy Armor by 10 points for 15 minutes.

The Lover Birthstone
Lover's Bower: Fortify Barter and Persuasion by 20 points for 15 minutes.

The Mage Birthstone
Magicka Manifold: Fortify Magicka by 75 points for 15 minutes.

The Ritual Birthstone
Mara's Mercy: Fortify Health by 100 points and Restore 100 points of Health for 15 minutes.

The Serpent Birthstone
Cobra's Dance: Bows and Crossbows do 75% more damage.  Resist 25% poison for 15 minutes.

The Shadow Birthstone
Fingemail Moon: Invisibility every time you crouch or sneak for 15 minutes.

The Steed Birthstone
Hellride: Fortify carryweight by 20 points and Move 20% faster for 15 minutes.

The Thief Birthstone
Cheater's Nip: You sneak 50% better for 15 minutes.

The Tower Birthstone
The Master's Hand: Smithing is 20% better and Able to open Expert or lesser locks for 15 minutes.

The Warrior Birthstone
War Cry: Block, One-Handed and Two-Handed are 20% better.

The Heaven Stones
Heaven Stones, like there Birthsign counterparts, grant one greater power each.  Unlike Birthsign Stones, the powers do not replace each other when a new stone is used; one may obtain and keep all Heaven Stone powers by visiting all of them.  The Heaven Stones last One hour and look like Birthsign Stones with a red glow.  Like the Birthsign Stone, you do not lose the abilities of shrine blessings or Standing Stone powers.

Aetherius Stone
Gates of Aetherius: Fortify Magicka by 50 points and resist 20% magic damage for One hour.

Dragon Stone
Dragon Dream: Fortify 40 points of Health, 50 Points of Magicka and 100 points of Stamina for One hour.

Jode Stone
Jode's Blood: Fortify Health by 40 points.  One-Handed and Two-Handed are 20% better for One hour.

Jone Stone
Jone's ShadowSneaking is 30% better, move 30% faster and invisibility for One hour.

Magnus Stone
Skein of Magnus: Alchemy, Alteration, Conjuration, Destruction, Enchanting, Illusion and Restoration are 15% stronger for One hour.

Nirn Stone
Nern's Breath: Detect life, Fortify Health 100 points and Fortify Stamina 200 points for One hour.

Shezarr Stone
Shield of Shezarr: Reflect 10% spell damage. Smithing, Block, Heavy and Light Armor skills are 20% better for One hour

Sithian Stone
Sithian Web: Barter, Persuasion, Archery, Illusion and Lockpicking are 20% better for One hour.

Rune Stone
All Rune Stones bind a weightless armor and weapon, which will disappear after the spell wears off after 5 minutes.  There are three different Rune Stones, Reman, Sidra-Ashak and Hestra.  Each kind binds a specific weapon and armor to it's kind.  Activating the Rune Stone counts as a Conjuration spell and therefor levels your Conjuration skill.  The Rune Stones look like the other Birthsign and Heaven stones but has a green glow to it.

Hestra Rune Stone
Rune Armor and Dagger or Rune Armor and Mace: Summons either a Bound Dagger with Armor or a Bound Mace with Armor on the player for 5 minutes.

Reman Rune Stone
Rune Armor and Sward or Rune Armor and Axe: Summons either a Bound Sward and Armor or a Bound Mace and Armor for 5 minutes.

Sidri-Ashak Rune Stone
Rune Armor and Rune Bow: Summons a Bound Bow and Armor for 5 minutes.

Current Issues and To Do List
The bound weapons from the Rune Stones seem to imitate duel weapon animation with the off hand as an invisible weapon.  Activating the Rune Stone twice in a row will stack the powers and remove your armor while keeping the spell effect. It does not cause any real issues but it will be fixed when I figure out why it is doing this.
I am working on making the Birthsign and Heaven Stones only work at night according to lore.
I am working on making the Rune Stones only work once a day according to lore.
Provide a list of the location for the stones.

Not compatible with any mod that changes the stats of the Standing Stones.  It will need a patch for those mods. This mod adds to the landscape of Skyrim and Solstheim.  It may conflict with other mods that add to the same spot.  I am not listing any at this point because I don't use all the mods out there and there are way too many to list.  As I come across any I will list them.  Any patches to make them compatible will need to be made by the respected author of those mods because there are way too many.

None at this point.

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Trelares for assets from Spells of the Third Era

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