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Adds a small garden area to the porch of Proudspire Manor in Solitude.

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This mod is a small garden and lounge area for the Proudspire Manor porch. I am not using a major overhaul of Proudspire, but I did want something to decorate my terrace after the upgrade (besides a crooked bench, two chairs and an empty table). So I created something for it. There are four planters with plants that will show up when you purchase the kitchen upgrade. Everything else will appear when the porch upgrade is purchased. I also placed some planters with plants with a couple of decorations in the entryway of the main door. I also fixed the crooked bench and straightened it out. There are 5 Hearthfire planters to plant whatever you choose. This mod is compacted and flagged as ESL. 

I was heavily inspired by Terrace Patio at Proudspire by marxercise, but I wanted something more simple. So I built everything from scratch. 

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  • Open Cities Skyrim-SSE 
Arthmoor for creating Open Cities and allowing me to upload my patches.
Hishutup for creating an xEdit patcher and converter that really helped me to create the Open Cities patches.