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Bigger tails for werewolves!
Just look at dat tail! ;)
So fuzzy. Much fluffy.

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Just a simple mod that makes werewolves have bigger tails!

Integrated support for Werewolf Claws Affect Spider Webs, credit to lwdzhuanyong for the fix!

This mod replaces the werewolf skeleton.nif, so it is compatible with any werewolf body mesh replacer!
(Mesh used in the pictures is from Tamaska Werewolf.)

My first attempt at this was hilarious. It turned my werewolf into a squirrel. Uploaded as an optional file for the lol's!

None of these tail sizes suit your wolf?
You can adjust it yourself to your perfect size easily with NifScope!

Here's a guide:


Diverse Werewolves - Compatible and highly recommended! 

Moonlight Tales - Compatible, just overwrite their skeleton when asked!

Any werewolf textures, mesh, perks, etc - Compatible!

Annnywaays... This is the shortest description I have ever written, but I really can't think of much else to say about it.. So uh.. Yeah. Enjoy?

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