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Replaces vanilla eyes with detailed vibrant eyes! Also, a few eye fixes.

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Vanilla eyes seemed a bit dull. x.x
I tried out several eye mods, but couldn't decide which one to use! @[email protected]
So I did a mash-up of my favorites, made some of my own edits, adjusted some colors, and here are the results! ^^

Human, Yellow Eyes

High Elf, Orange Eyes

Khajiit, Blue Eyes

Orc, Grey Eyes

Argonian, Olive Eyes

So what do I mean by 'mash-up'? Hmm, well I suppose a picture will explain better! 

With just the texture replacers you get...

I wanted to have very visible irises with darker darks, and brighter brights, and to have each color look different from the others! But I still wanted to stay true to vanilla, so no colors have been changed toooo drastically!

Another minor change is that eyelashes have been standardized. You will no longer have slightly different eyelashes on either eye, when using two different eyes(eg. blind in one eye or heterochromia eyes)!

I also added shading around the outside of the eyewhites. IMO if they're too white it just looks unnatural.. Not like my eyes look very natural anyways.. but still!

There's also replacers for some follower eyes. So far just Inigo and Kaidan, since they're the ones I'm using!
If you have any other followers with unique eye textures, leave a comment and I can see about making some for them too!

If you find Dark Elf, Wood Elf, and/or Orc eyes too dark or not dark enough, try out Brighter Eyes or Darker Eyes under Optional Files!

That's it for the textures! Feel free to use just the textures if you like, but I've also included an .esp with some other eye fixes!
During my screenshotting, I noticed several minor discrepancies with eyes...Soo..

With both the textures and the .esp you get...

The first thing I noticed is that Bethesda has an option for Bright Green eyes and Hazel Green eyes, but they use the exact same textures! O.o That seems silly, so I've separated them, now humans can use both bright green or hazel green! :D (I guess it still depends on your race though. But if the options were there before, now it will actually be different options!)

Next, I realized a lot of the blind options were kinda janky. Humans and Argonians are fine/normal. But elves are set to use either human or orc blind eyes, inconsistently! For example, high elves, if both eyes are blind, used human blind eyes but, if only 1 eye is blind, they used an orc blind eye... And Khajiit use Argonian blind eyes, but at least they're consistent about it, which is ok in vanilla since Argonian blind doesn't look particularly Argonian anyways. But Vibrant Eyes give Argonian more Argonian-like blind eyes..

So to fix the odd blindness, I've added NEW blind eyes for Elves and Khajiit!
High Elves, and Wood Elves now use the new Elf blind eyes, Dark Elves still use Orc blind eyes because they match better with their dark eyes.

(These are the ones I'm using!)
Ultimate Eye Meshes Ruhmastered - Compatible!
llygaid Eye Improver - Compatible! (I'm using Unity 1k)

(Other Eye related mods that I'm not currently using, but are still compatible)

Khajiit Eyes Extended - Khajiit Heterochromia and More - Compatible, but not optimized for SSE. Meshes need to be run through nif optimizer and .esp resaved in CK.
Any other eye normal maps, or sk maps, ect.
Any eye meshes(eye glow, eyelashes, ect).
Any Vampire eye mods, just overwrite mine when asked.

Curious about any other Eye related mod compatibility? Leave a comment and I'll take a look!

Check out my other mods! :)

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