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A Landscape overhaul for Solstheim featuring over 100 new types of flora, a mushroom forest, ash desert, and more forested areas.

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Attention!!  Please READ!!
Hey guys. 
UPDATE ON ME....With a very heavy heart I am no longer able to do any more modding.  I lost total vision in one eye as you may have known and am now loosing it in the other eye.  I am at the point I have to use text to speech programs to read things.  I HATE IT.  I am very sorry for those who are looking forward to further work and updates but it is not possible any more.  I had a blast making mods and it was a a very rewarding experience.  I will continue to keep my mods available for use.  As for the Mods I have PORTED, any further work and updates will have to be by the Original Author if they with to do so.  If there is anyone who would like to take the reins of my work and continue to further what my Dream was for the Dark Skyrim Overhaul series, please contact me for further information.  Love you guys and please continue Have Fun and Game on.
Thanks and regards

By the Creator mobiusbelmont
Thank you for giving me permission to port this mod.
Go check out and ENDORSE the original Mod For Skyrim LE.
Optimized the meshes and Changed to Form 44 for Skyrim SE and ported by me.
My Permission.

Dark Forests of Skyrim
Solstheim Apocalypse

General Information:

  • - Adds over 150 new types of trees to the island

  • - there is now a giant ash desert with more ash dunes, blowing ash, and no living trees from Attius Farm to Fort Frostmoth.  

  • - A mushroom forest now stretches from the eastern side of Fort Frostmoth to Tel Mithryn.  I’ve added over a hundred mushrooms and some are very BIG

  • - The southern part of the island now has smaller flora native to Morrowind. 

  • - Middle Solstheim has more trees, both living, ash covered, and dead.

  • - There is an oasis north of Tel Mithryn with green oaks and flora
  • - ash covered pines and custom trees are now much bigger 

  • - Over 200 pines, dead snowy pines, and living snowy pines have been added to the northern half of the island, returning the northern forests to their glory days of Bloodmoon.
  • Thanks to Zhoulia for the vastly improved textures for the dead snowy pines.  Please drop her an endorsement for her awesome work

  • - billboards are available for use with SSELODGen


The following mods have been tested and are compatible with Solstheim Apocalypse
  • Solstheim extended: 
  • Better Tel Mithryn
  • All mods for Skaal Village
  • All mods for Raven Rock (Needs some testing)
  • All mods that retexture landscape, ash, and objects.
  • Flora overhauls that replace vanilla trees and plants.(Some testing might be required)
  • All grass mods
  • Nyhus and the Border of Cyrodiil
  • Redoran Grove
  • Teldryn Serious

If there is any clipping,  just use the console and delete.

  • Install only one Main File!! 
  • The DFOS Versions Require Dark Forests of Skyrim SE.  
  • Billboards and core files available for TREE LOD generation with SSELODGen 

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Silky Spider Eggs LE
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Tools Used

SSE Nif Optimizer
Creation Kit for Skyrim SE