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An overhaul of Bleak Falls Barrow to be spooky and tougher game play.

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Attention!!  Please READ!!
Hey guys. 
UPDATE ON ME....With a very heavy heart I am no longer able to do any more modding.  I lost total vision in one eye as you may have known and am now loosing it in the other eye.  I am at the point I have to use text to speech programs to read things.  I HATE IT.  I am very sorry for those who are looking forward to further work and updates but it is not possible any more.  I had a blast making mods and it was a a very rewarding experience.  I will continue to keep my mods available for use.  As for the Mods I have PORTED, any further work and updates will have to be by the Original Author if they with to do so.  If there is anyone who would like to take the reins of my work and continue to further what my Dream was for the Dark Skyrim Overhaul series, please contact me for further information.  Love you guys and please continue Have Fun and Game on.
Thanks and regards

Bleak Falls Barrow

I am currently working on a overhaul to make Skyrim a dark, spooky and tougher place.  This will be a long Work In Progress.  I am having fun with the Creation Kit and learning as I go.  Be on the lookout for more Dark Skyrim Overhaul mods in this series.

I have always thought that Bleak Falls Barrow was lacking a lot, boring and was very very simple to get through.  There are more leveled bandits added.  I added bandit pets to add more immersion and difficulty.  I made the outside livable for the bandits due to the cold and snow.  There are also 2 Thalmor Agents to tie into the story line with Arvel The Swift (Depending on if you started the Bleak Falls Barrow Quest).  Inside I have added more leveled draugr throughout the ruins plus added more visual spooky elements to make the pace more creepy.

If you are low leveled, you will want to have a follower or two or you will find yourself overwhelmed with bandits and draugr.  I love a challenge!!!  

Have Fun and Try Not To Die!!!!

This only uses Vanilla assets so it will work with any texture mods, weather and lighting mods, and game play mods.  I tried to make this as compatible as possible with other mods.
This will not be compatible and any mod that adds stuff in the same places that this mod adds to the Bleak Falls Area.  If you are not sure, please just ask.
Compatible with No Snow Under The Roof...Requires Patch in File Section.

There are two main files.  Only Install One.
The "No Thalmor" file is for those who have already completed the Bleak Falls Barrow Main Quest.  It removes the Thalmor who are linked to Arvel The Swift.  If you have already recovered the Golden Claw, use this file.
Of course, the original Main file is for those who have not even been to Bleak Falls Barrow.  If you have not recovered the Golden Claw, Use This File.  This file DOES NOT require a New Game.  Just be sure to load it before you go to Bleak Falls Barrow.

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