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A comprehensive fantasy style landscape overhaul for Skyrim featuring dead and living trees and new forested areas.

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I have updated this to the most recent version that includes the 3D trees from Maty79.  Hope You all enjoy!!! 
Only install one main file.
The full version of this mod alters vanilla trees, while the older version does not alter vanilla trees. Core Files plus billboards are for users of DynDOLODx64 or SSELODGen.
The old version of this mod with 2D trees is still available in the old files section. The older versions are no longer supported.
Do not use the full version with other tree mods that change vanilla trees as the changes to vanilla trees will be overwritten. Mixing and matching trees and tree mods requires regeneration of tree LODs so make sure to use the Core files plus billboards.
NOTE: the full version incorporates the mod All Dead Trees (3D version) from Skyrim LE

Attention!!  Please READ!!
Hey guys. 
UPDATE ON ME....With a very heavy heart I am no longer able to do any more modding.  I lost total vision in one eye as you may have known and am now loosing it in the other eye.  I am at the point I have to use text to speech programs to read things.  I HATE IT.  I am very sorry for those who are looking forward to further work and updates but it is not possible any more.  I had a blast making mods and it was a a very rewarding experience.  I will continue to keep my mods available for use.  As for the Mods I have PORTED, any further work and updates will have to be by the Original Author if they with to do so.  If there is anyone who would like to take the reins of my work and continue to further what my Dream was for the Dark Skyrim Overhaul series, please contact me for further information.  Love you guys and please continue Have Fun and Game on.
Thanks and regards
Dark Forests of Skyrim SE
By the Creator mobiusbelmont
Thank you for giving me permission to port this mod.
Go check out and ENDORSE the original Mod For Skyrim LE.
Optimized the meshes and Changed to Form 44 for Skyrim SE and ported by me.
My Permission.

A Big Thanks to HeavyBurns for the amazing video.

A Big Thanks to Phoenixfabricio for the amazing video.

Thank you Arctic Scrolls for the amazing video.

This mod is a comprehensive, dark fantasy style, landscape overhaul for Skyrim.  The landscape will look VERY different and this mod will breathe new life to your game.  

DFOS features include over 4000 hand placed flora (trees, shrubs, mushrooms, etc).  Also available are billboards for LOD generation, 3D LODs for SSELODGen.


This mod does NOT change vanilla trees and is therefore compatible with Skyrim Flora Overhaul, Enhanced Vanilla Trees, and any other mod that changes vanilla trees.

This mod makes the following changes:

Adds over 1000 hand placed dead pines to mountain areas, forests, and snow covered areas.  

The Rift has added dead and living aspen type trees, while pines in the interior have been removed.    Ground fog has also been added to many areas of The Rift

Eastmarch hot springs now have more dead trees, living aspens near the forest edge, more grass near Witchmist Grove, and a GIANT mushroom forest

Whiterun plains are still open and grassy with living and dead trees added to areas of interest, farms, and the entire area of Rorikstead is now a living and vibrant oasis.

The Reach is filled with over 20 types of dead trees, colorful aspens, twisted and tall juniper trees, and large cedar pines.  A Forest of giant redwood trees now stretches from south of Dragonbridge to the Crabber's Shanty

Haafingar has Tamu75 aspens along the waterways, more dead trees in the forest and a few unique groves of pine trees.  

Hjaalmarch swamps many types of dead and petrified pine and reach trees and a few mushrooms

Pine Forests in Falkreath and near Riverwood feature Cyrodiil type aspens, dead trees, and small juniper pines. 


This mod adds thousands of hand placed trees and flora to Skyrim, and its impossible to make this compatible with every single player home or other mod which adds static objects.  if you have a tree growing through your house or town, please just delete it with the command console'

Technically any tree or landscape overhaul with be compatible with Dark Forests if those overhauls have billboards and that you use either program above to generate LOD.  If the mods you are combining with DFOS add objects or trees you may have some clipping, that can remedied with the 'disable' feature in the command console.


Install ONLY ONE MAIN file!!!

REMINDER for SSELODGen users :  If you want to combine other landscape or tree overhauls with Dark Forests, then you must have billboards for the corresponding mods.  Make sure to install the vanilla billboards first, then install all other billboards IN THE SAME ORDER THAT YOU INSTALLED THE TREE MODS.  Once billboards are installed, then use SSELODGen to generate LOD for trees.

I recommend watching this tutorial for SSELODGen by PredCaliber.

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Tools Used

SSE Nif Optimizer
Creation Kit for Skyrim SE

 Mathy79 for the 3D tree models
Tamu75 for the aspens
HiltsBrandon for Aspens to Cherry Blossoms
Mentha for the More Colorful Trees resource 
Phitt for the Sheogorad resource
GKB for the lovely green tree resource
Vurt for some dead models, a few textures and the large juniper trees
3AMt for the dead pines
Elenin and Ztree for their outstanding tree resource
Zilav for the amazing billboard generator tool and TES5LODGen
Sheson for DynDOLOD