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HD Textures of the bird eggs and nests.

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Attention!!  Please READ!!
I am no longer able to support and work on my mods for the time being.  So the mods are AS IS for now so please follow smart and proper modding practices.  You have been warned so I am not responsible for "Braking Your Game" if that is even possible.  GEEZ!!!
I have purchased some land and there is no internet service out there for now.  It will be the first of the year before I get high speed fiber out here (at the earliest).  Plus all my focus will be taking care of the animals and trying to be self sufficient.  This has been a dream for a very long time and it is finally a reality.  If, and only if, I have spare time after I get internet, I may tinker with my mods again but no promises.  Sorry for the inconvenience.  I really enjoyed the modding community and making mods for fun.  You guys have been great and have helped me through some tough times with life.  Enjoy the mods, enjoy life and always have fun gaming.

Extraordinary Eggs SE

General Information: 
2K textures for the bird eggs and nests.


Install using Mod Manager of choice.  I use and recommend MO2.

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