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26 different female character presets, three for Altmer, one for Bosmer, five for Bretons, four for Dunmer, two for Imperials, three for Nords, two for Orcs, and six for Redguards.

(Beware: Most of the updates to this preset collection are not substantial. You don't need to redownload the main archive over and over again.)

Permissions and credits

RaceMenu (I am not familiar with ECE, if ECE can read .jslot files it might work as well.)
Improved Eyes Skyrim
Immersive KS Hairdos (The original KS Hairdos should work, too.)

You will need their respective requirements as well, of course.

Other noticeable character mods in use while taking the screenshots

Salt and Wind - Rough Hair for KS Hairdos SE
Bijin Skin
(Oldrim; there's an SE version up now as well, though)

Please, do take some time to adjust the character settings to your liking. Your perception of what is good and right will most likely differ from mine. Simply taking these without personal adjustments might leave you unnecessarily dissatisfied. Hair styles, for instance, usually have a large impact on the perception of the entire face. But, I tend (*cough* Breton 2 *cough*) to pick the ones that allow me to show off the face (otherwise you would not get a good idea of what you might want to download), while still complimenting the face better than if they were bald. There might be some really fitting hair styles, which are simply not good for providing you with helpful images. Furthermore, I sometimes did not add any makeup, because I forgot (although some faces may look better without it anyway). I'd recommend to take a look at it as well. Also, do remember that what you see on the images here and actually in game will differ based on graphics settings, ENB etc. They might look better or worse.

I have never really dealt with character presets before, thus, I am probably not capable of providing much support. Feel free to shoot, if there are troubles, though. Some presets probably look verisimilar and I may have gone a little overboard with the Elf stuff for the first Breton preset.

High Poly Head Presets

While I am not yet sure how many more I want to create, there currently are fourteen presets which make use of High Poly Head (Breton 2 - HPH and Imperial - HPH are simply the old Breton 2 and Imperial presets redone with this mod, the rest are entirely new presets). If you want to use one or all of them, the main (i.e. minimum) requirements besides High Poly Head are KS Hairdos and The Eyes of Beauty (with the exception of Nord 2 - HPH not needing The Eyes of Beauty). These presets were created using former versions of the Wabbajack modlists Licentia (NSFW!) and Elysium (SFW; used only for Nord 2 - HPH). The skin is still Bijin Skin.

IMPORTANT: Remember to select Face Part - 3 (in the "Head" section of the character creation) to make use of the High Poly Head!

Note: Bosmer - HPH, Breton 4 - HPH, Dunmer 3 - HPH, Imperial 2 - HPH, Orc - HPH, Redguard 4 - HPH, and Redguard 5 - HPH make use of the Makeup and Body Paint tabs found in RaceMenu. If something looks off or weird despite Bijin Skin etc. being used, try resetting the entries in the Makeup and Bodypaint tabs. The ones used by me are from Sakora's Make Over Kit and Freckle Mania 2.


High Poly Head
KS Hairdos
KS Hairdos - HDT SMP (Physics)
ESL High Poly Pretty Face and Darker Brows Stand Alone
The Eyes of Beauty (including the Elves Edition)

Requirements for Overlays

Female Makeup Suite

Skin Feature Overlays
Community Overlays (1, 2, and 3)
Freckle Mania 2
Flamebringer Tattoos


Fair Skin Complexion (Not an actual requirement, simply the one used in the screenshots. Others work, too!).

These presets were created during my time playing with the Wabbajack modlist Masterstroke (NSFW!), hence the name. Should you see weird purple textures on your body or face, try selecting the entries in the Makeup and Bodypaint tabs, resetting all the options to default or setting them to any option available to you and changing their colour to the point the respective overlay disappears.

Because this has become a bit messy, I want to give some explanations. The main version numbers (1.0, 1.1 etc.) will be given only to the download for all presets. The number will change once I feel enough has changed to justify a new version number, it is, thus, completely arbitrary. The single preset downloads follow a scheme of Orig. -> 1st Rev. -> 2nd Rev. (Original -> First Revision -> Second Revision) and so on. "Original" just means it is in the state I first uploaded it to the servers, "Revision" means it has been tweaked/reworked/overhauled once, twice or more times since the original upload (as can be seen by numeration).