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Version 2.1

by Oaristys & Tony67

This mod is to be regularly completed, so keep an eye on it and feel free to suggest anything!
If you find a bug, please report, so that I can fix it!

This pack includes 346 new meshes for modders, made from vanilla ones with 3ds Max and Nifskope.
They are meant to be added to the CK under the Statics category (see the How-to section).
They use vanilla texture paths so their can look slightly different according to the texture mods you are using. Some of them will use custom textures (their name ends by a symbol °). See the details below.

  • CORE archive contains dishes, treasures, furniture, decoration and food.- Dishes: Basic (wood, iron), Dwemer, Glazed, Golden, Nordic, Silver.- Furniture: New noble shelves, glass shelves.- Decoration: Planters, Scrolls, Wallmounted heads, Skeletons, Carts, Racks, Chests.- Treasures : Coin Stacks, Gold Barrels and Pots, Golden Items, Silver Items.- Food : Platters, Plates, Baskets.
  • JARS archive only contains 48 ingredient jars.
  • FORGE archive contains all the meshes concerning forge : coloured linen, ingots stacks, ore stacks and resized ingots/ore.
The new meshes are made for all vanilla material types (Corundum, Dwemer, Ebony, Gold, Iron, Moonstone, Obsidian, Orichalcum, Quicksilver, Silver, Steel).- Ingots Stack : two types.
- Ore Bucket
- Ore Stack
- Half ingot (request): Regular ingot scaled down to 50% of normal size.
- Chunk (request): Regular ingot scaled down to 25% of normal size and square.
- Bit (request): Regular ore scaled down to 75% of normal size.
- Leather Straps (request): Regular leather strip scaled up 25% of normal size.
- Leather Square (request): Regular leather scaled down to 75% of normal size.
- Kindling (request): Regular firewood scaled down to 50% of normal size and "skinny-ed" up.
- Stick (request): Regular wood log scaled down to 10% of normal size to look like a stick.
- Ruins Linen (request) : 4 types (Sheet01, Sheet02, Wrap, WrapStack) in 10 colours (basic ROYGBIV colours plus white and black, and a better vanilla one).

List of items using custom textures:
>>> textures\oaristys\treasures\
>>> textures\oaristys\treasures\

>>> textures\oaristys\treasures\
>>> textures\oaristys\treasures\
>>> textures\oaristys\treasures\
>>> textures\oaristys\treasures\

>>> textures\oaristys\treasures\
>>> textures\oaristys\treasures\

>>> textures\oaristys\sign\
>>> textures\oaristys\sign\
>>> textures\oaristys\sign\

>>> textures\oaristys\treasures\
>>> textures\oaristys\treasures\

>>> textures\oaristys\treasures\

>>> textures\oaristys\treasures\
>>> textures\oaristys\treasures\
>>> textures\oaristys\treasures\
>>> textures\oaristys\treasures\

All the linen items (except LinenWrapStack.nif which uses vanilla texture)
>>> textures\oaristys\linen\oaruinslinen_01_(colour).dds
>>> textures\oaristys\linen\oaruinslinen_02_(colour).dds
>>> textures\oaristys\linen\

  • Ingredient crates
  • More planters
  • DLC ingredient jars
  • More custom treasures
All suggestions are welcome!

1. Copy the mesh you want to add in your mod in Skyrim/Data/meshes, in the folder of your choice (for example into a new folder named with your pseudo or the name of your mod
- Attention: if the name of the mesh ends with a °, it means that it uses a custom texture that is localized in textures/Oaristys. You have to copy it into Skyrim/Data/textures, keeping the same path.

2. Open the Creation Kit and create/load your mod. Go in the Object window.
- If you want to make a Static, you have to go in the subfolder "Static". Here, there is a list of all the static objects of the game. Right-click on the list and click New.
- Same thing if you want to make a container, go in "Containers".

3. In the window which appears, there is a line named "Model" with an "Edit" button at the end. Click it. A new window named "Model Data" appears, with another "Edit" button. Just click it and then choose your mesh in the folder where you put it. Click "Open", then "OK".
Note: If there is an error message when you open a mesh, please report it so that I can fix it!

4. Complete the window with the other data (ID, name) and click "OK".

5. Drag and drop your new object from the object window to the Render window. It should appear and you can now place it anywhere you want in your cell.

6. Save your mod. When you’ll want to release it, you’ll have to release too my resources and all those you have used too, keeping the same folder structure.

Sept. 7th 2013 - Version 2.0
Every old mesh has been reworked in 3Ds Max.
Proper collision for all meshes.
No more BSLightningShaderProperty error at loading in CK.
Scrolls02.nif made your game crash!!! FIXED (Thanks Elianora for reporting)
Added a lot of new meshes: forge stuff, coloured linen, jars...
Pack divided in three archives to easy updates.
New page design!

Sept. 1st 2012 - Version 1.7
Added gold barrels/pots and a stack of gold ingots
Added diner sets with food (basic & dwemer styles)
Added miscellaneous decorations (horseman statue, wall mounted creatures, key holder...)
Added collision to coin stacks

July 7th 2012 - Version 1.6
Added 22 new meshes by Tony67 (skeletons, scrolls, carts and a gold chest).
Fixed rugs and ingots chest.
Added proper collision to 5 previous meshes (more to come).

Version 1.5
Added 7 new ingredient jars + an empty one, as requested.
Added buckets of ore and ore stacks (x8), as requested. Added moonstone stack 01.
Better racks of scrolls/bottles + empty ones (common/noble/dwemer) with proper collision.
Added one new noble shelf and a flower vase.

Version 1.4
Added 5 ingredient jars (more to come) / two Dwemer planters.
Added a new custom treasure with a new texture.
Added two new noble shelves with proper collision.
Added ingot stacks (2 models x 10) / ingot chest.
Fixed crystal ball animation and rugs collision (more fixes to come).

Version 1.3
Added 3 new planters.
Added my first custom treasure (golden raven).
Added new glazed dishes and Nord dishes sets.
Better glass shelves.
Fixed mortar.

Version 1.2
Added planters.
Added bottles/scrolls racks and chests.
Fixed coal/basket of flowers/pearl in the shell.

Version 1.1
30 new meshes.
Added golden dishes sets.
Added new treasures (Thieves Guild treasures without gemstones).
Added display shelves (noble shelves with glass).
Added some clutter/alchemy/food meshes.

Version 1.0
First release. 51 meshes.

  • Nifskope 1.1.0 RC7
  • 3ds Max 2012
  • Niftools plugin
  • NifUtilits
  • Photoshop CC
  • Bethesda for the vanilla meshes.
  • Blary for OpenBooks Resource (used in PropertySign.nif).
  • Tony67: check his mods here.

You are free to use these resources in your own mods without asking as long as you give me proper credits.

Don't forget to endorse if you enjoy!
Please comment, all suggestions are greatly appreciated!