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REQUIRES Organized Bandits In Skyrim (OBIS). Visually overhauls many of the OBIS bandits and their loot. Also adds a boatload of other content.

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REQUIRES Organized Bandits In Skyrim (OBIS). Visually overhauls many of the OBIS bandits and their loot. Also adds a boatload of other content....See Credits for listings

---Load Order and Requirements---

Skyrim.esm (REQUIRED)
Dawnguard.esm (REQUIRED)
Dragonborn.esm (REQUIRED)
OBIS Loot SE.esp

---Recommended Mods---

This mod would not have been possible and the following were instrumental throughout the entire process of the making of this mod.

Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch - Arthmoor and co.

Indigoblade  and Jebbalon
This mod REQUIRES OBIS. They are the authors of OBIS.

Now a blow by blow of the items added and the people to credit. Click the Spoiler for all the info

No Problems as I know of.
Everything I edited was from OBIS.esp
OBIS Loot - German

OBIS Loot - Spanish

Treasure Chests and Keys

Yes, this mod does contain one very small script.
Before you turn around and start freaking out, hear me out. This script is based off the Transmute spell in that when it's activated it searches your inventory for two specific items, if you don't have them it tells you don't have the proper materials and ends. If you have them it asks you would you like to open the treasure chest Yes or No? If you say No, nothing happens, the script ends. If you say Yes, it removes the treasure chest and the key from your inventory and gives you X number of items from a leveled list then the script ends. Simplicity in itself.

I've been using it and testing it myself everyday ever since all the while keeping a good eye on my Papyrus log for even the smallest error coming from this script. I even made it so you can't use it while in combat where most of the other script heavy stuff is processed. It's a power like Night Eye or Nord Cry which means the script only runs when you tell it to run and ends right after it's done, also no spell like hand waving either when cast.

Mod contains a very simple, basic script which is solid and been tested for months now.
There is now a small chance for OBIS bandits to spawn with a treasure chest or key. If you have the right combination of treasure chest and key you can open it anywhere for loot!
To get the power go to the tanning rack and search for a book called "Secrets of a Treasure Hunter", when you read the book it gives you the power "Open Treasure Chest", use it when you got the right key and treasure chest to get the loot inside!