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About this mod

SkyVoice is a tool that allows you to shout in real life to shout in skyrim in dragon language! This is a modified version for VR. It works with VoiceMacro or Windows Speech Recognition(WSR) Macros or VoiceAttack or Dragonborn Speaks Naturally, whichever you choose to use.

Permissions and credits

SkyVoice is a tool that allows you to shout in real life to shout in skyrim in dragon language.
You have to say the words like "Fus Ro Dah" and that triggers for the player to actually shout in game.

All of the original game and dlc shouts are supported as well as Falskaar shout "Champion's Spirit" and also all 29 Thunderchild shouts.

How does it work?

According to the words detected by the speech recognition utility you use(VoiceMacro or WSR Macros or VoiceAttack), a combination of keys are sent simultaneously to Skyrim. This mod gets the key presses and decodes it to find out which shout to equip and shout. It also checks if you have the shout unlocked first of course.

What about lag?

Because windows speech recognition's detection depends on the training and your cpu power, your mileage may vary. With WSR Macros I'm getting 1.2 second lag, and with VoiceMacro I get 1 second lag (With 7700k). This lag may decrease more after frequent use of speech recognition, or more training.

Note that VoiceMacro version is much faster than others like DSN, so I suggest using VoiceMacro with this.


This is the modified VR compatible version of the oldrim mod Created by Asmodae and Jeanlou.
I got permission to create and upload this file.


No one in the world speaks dragon language, so according to your accent, results would vary to detect the actual words of power.
So I added some different words to match the words of power to help you how to say them. Saying two or three of the words will make it easier to be recognized, but here's a few tips to make one word work too:

  • Raan: Ra-han, Run, Rain. Use Rain to distinguish it from Gaan.
  • Laas: Laas, Laaz. Make sure make the last s and z powerfully like "Laass"
  • Feim: Fame, Fime
  • Od: Odd, Ode
  • Hun: Hoon, Huhn
  • Lok: Luck or Locke
  • Zun: This may be understood as Zul so try to say the "n" powerfully like "Zunn" or "Zoonn"
  • Faas: Try saying Face, because saying it like Fahas would be recognized as Fus
  • Joor: Jooor, Shore, George, all should work.
  • Su: Soo, Sue, or even School (but don't press "ch")
  • Yol: Yole, Youl
  • Fo: Foe
  • Iiz: Ees, iiz or ice
  • Kaan: Kaan, Kahn, Kine. Make sure you say the "K" sound powerfully.
  • Krii: Kree
  • Tiid: Make it long like Teeed
  • Strun: Stroon
  • Zul: This may be understood as Zun so try to say the "L" powerfully like "Zuhl" or "Zewl"
  • Fus: Foos or Fuss
  • Wuld: Would
  • Gaan: Gaahn
  • Rii: Reee or "V"
  • Dur: Duhr or Door
  • Mid: Meed, Meet
  • Gol: Say it with hard L. Gole or Goal.
  • Ven: Venn or When
  • Mul: Say it with hard L. Mule.
  • Moro: Moro or Morro

Note about Thunderchild: Thunderchild shouts are all prefixed with the word Aav, so you need to say for example for Thunderchild's Earthquake shout:
"aavfus klu ul"

Check out this guide from pinktarts for complete accuracy and practically 0 delay(in his words):

Also check out the end for suggestions from the original author.


What do I need?
  • The latest version of Skyrim VR (or Skyrim Special Edition)
  • The latest version of SKSEVR (or SKSE64 for SSE) (Be extra sure you installed it correctly, including script files etc.)
  • A microphone
  • Windows Vista/7/8/10 in a language that support Speech recognition.

How do I get started?

You first need to set up and train your windows speech recognition for better accuracy. The more you train it or the more you use it, the more it will detect your voice correctly. Windows speech detection is used by both VoiceMacro and Windows Speech Recognition Macros.

Instructions For Windows 7,8 and For Windows 10

Installing the Main File

Main File consists of esp and Script files. Download and install it with your favorite mod manager. Reminder: Functions used in scripts require SKSEVR, so make sure it is installed and run the game with skse_loader.exe

Installing the Macro

I tried both of these and VoiceMacro is faster at recognizing the words for me. But if for some reason you prefer the other, you are welcome to use either or you can even convert it to another macro utility if you want. I created VoiceMacro xml automatically by a quick program I made for this (Best programmers are lazy).

For using VoiceMacro:

  1. You need to download and install VoiceMacro, here is the instructions for installing and setting it up.
  2. Then download SkyVoiceVR_VoiceMacro file from the files section manually and extract it and import SkyVoice_Voice_Macro.xml to VoiceMacro by pressing Edit button and then from the Profiles and macros window, press Import button to select it. A new Profile will be created. Make sure Target is Skyrim VR(Or Active window if you'll keep Skyrim VR window active) and listening is enabled.

For using Windows Speech Recognition (WSR) Macros

  1. You need to download and install Windows Speech Recognition Macro.
  2. Then download SkyVoiceVR_WSR_Macro file from the files section manually and extract SkyVoice.WSRMac file to Speech Macros folder in your My Documents(default is c:/Users/[YourName]/My Documents/Speech Macros) ... (Or you can navigate from the start menu: start->Documents->Speech Macros)
  3. Right click the SkyVoice.WSRMac file, and select "sign speech macro". Unsigned speech macros cannot be used, so don't forget this step.
  4. Start Windows Speech Recognition Macros. It automatically starts Speech recognition if it isn't already running. Speech recognition must be in On state for it to work.

Here is a video tutorial by the original authors for WSR Macro installation:

For using VoiceAttack

See SkyVoiceAttack. Thanks to DreadPirateLynx, we now have VoiceAttack support!

For using Dragonborn Speaks Naturally

Thanks to zbigdogz, we now have DSN support!

  1. Install Dragonborn Speaks Naturally
  2. Then download and install SkyVoice Dragonborn Speaks Naturally Config File by zbigdogz from the downloads
or download it and copy after ;Skyvoice under [ConsoleCommands] to your DragonbornSpeaksNaturally.ini in Data\Plugins\Sumwunn folder.

That's it!

Open the game and try saying words of power. This mod will only equip and shout the shout powers you have and unlocked.


In 1.5.0, MCM is added.
Options in MCM: 
  • Restore Voice Power after Shout option (Default: True)
  • Equip only(don't shout) option (Default: False)
  • Show detected shout notification after voice activation option (Default: True)
  • Prevent Manual Shouting option (Default: False)
  • Remove SkyVoice Options Spell


I recommend using Shout Pronunciations and Translations because you need to know how to read the words to shout them of course. This mod has more options and supports Thunderchild shouts as well. Also an option to include "Aav" in front of thunderchild shouts for Skyvoice compatibility.
NOTE: You don't need this anymore if you are using Skyui-vr. It shows pronunciations of dragon language on the item card after a few seconds of wait.

Also I recommend Unlimited Shouting which reduces the cool down of shouts (50% should be optimal). This will allow you to use shouts more often for more fun. Especially recommended if you use high level enemy mods or encounter mods. I don't recommend using 100% because that will make you amazingly overpowered.

I also recommend SSE High Quality Voices which makes shout voices high quality too.

I like hearing shouts but if you want you can install one of the Player Shout Silencer files under Miscellaneous files to remove voice from the player shouts.


This mod should be compatible with mostly everything.

It uses these keyboard keys for shout detection, so they shouldn't be used by any mods you are using to prevent issues:
F2, F3, F7, F8, F10, F11, V, B, N

But if you require, I can make versions that use other keys instead.

Edit: Added Alternate Keys version for Main File and VoiceMacro file per request that uses B, N, K, L, U, O, F10, F11, F12 keys instead

Dragonborn Speaks Naturally works with it without issues. But DSN console commands and equip commands may fire when you are trying to shout. So it's best to disable those entries or maybe change them to very specific(and long) phrases from DSN config.


Make sure you are running VoiceMacro/VoiceAttack as administrator and make sure Skyrim is the Active Window.

If you are having issues, try after disabling manual shouting prevention. It has compatibility issues with some mods. You can disable it by using the lesser power "Skyvoice Options" or from MCM.
Make sure you didn't change the load order of SkyVoice.esp mid-save. It causes problems with the script of this mod (May cause the mod detecting the input but not executing the shout).

Make sure bUsingMotionControllers is not set to 0 (it should be 1) in your skyrimprefs.ini  (May cause the mod detecting the input but not executing the shout).

Make sure you have qwerty keyboard activated, for one user, this was the problem. He said: "I have finally found out my problem. I use a specific keyboard. The game skyrim recognise my V key as it is, but VoiceMacro doesn't (actually when I press V, this is a . on my keyboard)"


Q: It doesn't always detect when I say the words.
A: This mod uses windows speech recognition which should be trained by you. I recommend training it 3 times. If you keep having issues, detecting 3 words is better than one, so instead of saying Wuld, try saying Wuld Nah Kest, it will still activate highest unlocked version of the shout.

Q: Does it work with Skyrim Special Edition too?
A: It does. I only tried Unrelenting Force and it worked, but as long as you don't have any mods that use the reserved keyboard keys, or you didn't change any keybindings to use the reserved keys it should be alright. There are other people's reports that it works perfectly for them.


  • Added a check to prevent key processing when a menu is open. Writing in console shouldn't cause shouts anymore.

  • Fixed a bug that caused second and third words to be not heard when "Restore Voice Power" option is enabled. Thanks to sylph2223 for finding the reason for the bug.
  • Added a button to MCM to reset mod's quest: "Reset Mod" to fix any problems with mod not working after load order changes.

  • Added a small wait before re-equipping for re-equip option for compatibility with shout cooldown mods.

  • Fixed the bug caused by empty wav files. Replaced them with empty ones.

  • Added optional fix to missing sound bug for 3 word shouts (2 word shout bug remains). Note that this is optional in MCM and set to false as default because it increase lag for 3 word shouts by 950ms.
  • Added silent sound files for the clicking sound you get when you equip a shout or a spell so it feels more natural when you shout.

  • Added functioning MCM.
  • MCM options: Restore Voice Power after Shout option, Equip only(don't shout) option, Show detected shout notification after voice activation option, Prevent Manual Shouting option.
  • Added "Remove Skyvoice Options Spell" button to MCM.
  • Prevent Manual Shouting option is disabled by default now.
  • Mod should be compatible with SpellSiphon now.

  • Minor script fix to prevent log spamming
  • Added Alternate Keys version for Main File and VoiceMacro file per request

  • Fixed a bug that caused Thunderchild shouts not to work. A small script change to prevent further problems without requiring a new save.

  • Performance improvements and optimizations. Decreased lag by about 50ms.

  • Manual shouting without voice activation is now prevented by default. You can disable/enable this by using the new lesser power "SkyVoice Options".

  • Recreated the key capture system to allow simultaneous keys to decrease lag and eliminate double(or triple) key press issues. Form version fixed. VoiceMacro support added(which has less lag than WSR version)

OLD Change Log From the Original Mod:

  • Added Thunderchild Support. Thunderchild shouts are all prefixed with the dova
  • word Aav, so you need to say for Thunderchild's Earthquake shout: "aavfus" - level one "aavfus klo" - level two "aavfus klu ul" - level threeSee the macro file for all the shouts and names, you need to update the macros as well.

  • Changed Keys Again. Due to how windows macros handles AZERTY keyboard, my
  • previous key selections weren't a good idea. Changed back to using function keys, but now they're F7 F8 F10 F11. NOTE: You MUST do a clean save for the new keys to register properly. Many thanks to users that submitted the bug and helped troubleshoot it! Hopefully this version works better for you
  • Also fixed the MCM display bug, option changes should stick and display correctly
  • removed an extra old Way of the Voice reference, shouldn't cause any problems, but just in case

1.0 - At Long Last, no more Beta
  • Changed the keys used by the mod, they are now ;'[] This resolved conflicts
  • with other mods (notably ENBoost), and the occasional auto-close for users who ran (hold Alt) and used a shout with F4 in it. (alt-F4 closes the top window, bad mix-up)
  • Changed the name of all script and mod files to SkyVoice. I debated this for a while, but weird named files
  • in your folders are just annoying. I hope to get to the optional files soon. Many apologies to the BOSS maintainers, hopefully it won't be too much trouble.
  • Added Equip Only option
  • Updated MCM to new SkyUI version (no functional change here, but it did need some script changes
  • Potential fix for keybinding issue if you rebound your shoutkey to something
  • other than z AND use a gamepad (I don't have a gamepad so please report if this doesn't work for you)
  • Added Falskaar support (untested at this time), the macro file may need some tweaking but the code is in
  • the script now, let me know if this works for Falskaar users
  • Added Sky UI MCM Support, currently only two options - turning off shout notification and disabling voice power re-equip.
  • Changed how the mod loads, now loads all needed shout information every save
  • game load. This requires a clean-save when upgrading from previous versions. New installs should be good to go to just add.
  • With the Beta5 main file and macro file we should be dragonborn ready! Have fun!
  • Rebinding shout keys mid game should now work properly (even with an xbox
  • controller provided you're using the controller add-on)
  • Should be much less susceptible to being in an unkown state and missing the
  • correct shout commands. Note: in testing this still sometimes happens, but it's much less common now.
  • Dawnguard support now built into one file. No more need for separate mods to download/maintain
  • Added single line of feedback in skyrim to say what shout was detected. This
  • will work even if you don't currently KNOW the shout, as the voice system doesn't care. Skyrim will only cast shouts you know however.
  • Split out word of power renaming (adds readability/usability) into separate
  • mod files. These will rarely (if ever) need to change.
  • Made first word optional for all shouts. This means you can get "FUS RO DA"
  • with just RO DA. In a tense fight this is precious seconds of time. It is completely optional, use it or don't. This also means if you only know the "FUS" you can say "RO" and get just "FUS". The script will always cast the highest matching shout level you know.
  • Fixed bugs in code, should be more reliable.
  • The macros will now pick way less background noise.

Tips and Tricks from the original author:

Tips and Tricks
Where's the safety switch? - There currently is no thuumic like safety mechanism for towns, etc.
But it may not be necessary. Through the MACRO file, we are using Windows
speech recognition system directly. One handy aspect of that is that you
can toggle it on and off from any application by hitting Ctrl-Windows
keys together (provided your keyboard has a Windows key).

WSR is not recognizing your shouts:
Above all else, we've tried to keep the shout pronunciation as it is done in
game. However for some shouts they sound close, and others Windows
Speech just fights tooth and nail to NOT hear it the way it is in game.
So in those cases it might be useful to try this alternate pronunciation

Raan: "Ran" or "Rah-an" or something similar will work fine.
Laas: "Laas" or "Laaz" should be good, say clearly the s or z at the end, like "laass".
Feim: Hard one, if you have trouble, try to say "Fame" or "Fime".
Od: Just don't forget the "d".
Hun: try "Hoon" if you have trouble.
Lok: You need a very hard "k" at the end. Try saying "Luck" if you have trouble.
Zun: Very hard to differentiate from "Zul". Try saying "Zun" as "Zoon" and "Zul" as "Zoole".
Faas: "Fah-as" is pretty much the way to go.
Joor: Say it as "Joor", should be good.
Su: Try saying it as "Soo" if you have trouble.
Yol: Prety easy, try "Yole" if it gives you trouble.
Fo: As it sound, should not have problems with this one.
Iiz: Try the very fitting "Ice".
Kaan: Insist on the "K" to differentiate it from "Raan"
Krii: Hard one, try "Kre-e" if you can't get it to work.
Tiid: "Ti-id" or "Tee-eed" if you have trouble
Strun: "Stroon" if you have trouble, but it is a reliable one.
Zul: See Zun.
Fus: Try "Foos" if you can get it to work
Wuld: As "Would"
Gaan: As most double letters, try "Ga-an"
Rii: Say it reee or with two "i"s , and you should be good
Dur: Whathever, no one uses the single word version of this shout.

Now, depending of the way you actually say the shouts, some may not work. No problem!
Let's say the word "FUS" wont work for you:

First, start a text editor, such as Notepad.

Next, say "FUS", while looking at the Speech Recognition bar (with the microphone on it)

Two things can happen: either words will appear on the text editor (like,
for example, "Face") or you'll see another set of Word of Power in the
Speech Recognition bar. If it is the later, try again with a slight
variation in your pronunciation until either it detects the right word,
or write a word down.

Once you have your word, go in your Speech Macros folder, and open SkyVoice.WSRMacro with a text editor. Go to
the right section for your shout, such as "Unrelenting Force", and
change the word the program listen (like "Fus") to to what you want.
Also replace the word in the larger words (Fus Ro and Fus Ro
Dah) if they dont work.

Save and, finally, VERY IMPORTANT: Right click your newly modified macro and select "Sign speech macro"