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Adds speech recognition to Skyrim VR or Skyrim SE so you can recite your dialogue lines to select them.

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Dragonborn Speaks Naturally

Requires xSHADOWMANx's Dll Loader
Requires .Net Framework v4.6.1 or later (Already included in Windows 10. Windows 7 may require a manual installation.)
Requires Windows Speech Recognition Engine for your system locale or the locale specified in a ini file.

This mod adds speech recognition to SkyrimVR or SkyrimSE so that you can speak the dialogue lines aloud to select them.
Compatible with SkyrimVR and SkyrimSE

1. Install xSHADOWMANx's Dll Loader
2. Download the latest archive and extract it to your SkyrimVR/Data or SkyrimSE/Data directory.
3. (Optional) If you need to set the language locale (the default is your system-installed language) for your needs, you can edit the /Data/Plugins/Sumwunn/DragonbornSpeaksNaturally.ini file (no need to restart the game after editing it, the setting will be automatically reloaded after saving since v0.18. The game needs to be restarted only when the file is first created).

How to Use
When the dialogue menu appears, try reciting the line out loud and it will be selected.

Additionally, you can specify "goodbye phrases" to use to exit dialogue, and bind custom phrases to arbitrary console commands to have them executed when said outside of dialogue.

To use these additional features, create a new DragonbornSpeaksNaturally.ini file and tweak as desired. Here's an example:

goodbyePhrases=I'll talk to you later;That's enough chit chat for now
Give me all of the arrows=player.additem 00038341 999999;player.additem 00034182 999999
Give me some gold=player.additem f 100
Die die die=killall
Ready to battle=player.equipitem 139af; player.equipshout 48ac9
I need treatment=player.equipspell 12fcc left; player.equipspell 12fcc right; player.cast 12fcc player left; player.cast 12fcc player right
Fus Loda=player.cast 00013f3a player voice
Open Map=press m
Hello, man=press e
Sneak and cancel=press ctrl; sleep 5000; press ctrl

You can also copy DragonbornSpeaksNaturally.SAMPLE.ini in /Data/Plugins/Sumwunn directory and rename it to DragonbornSpeaksNaturally.ini. It contains examples of all DSN settings and various console commands and may be helpful. There are also examples for casting specific dragon shouts via your voice.
See the preview of DragonbornSpeaksNaturally.SAMPLE.ini on GitHub

DSN also provides some additional commands (key simulation, window switching, delayed execution) besides Skyrim's console commands.
Please see our guide on GitHub

If DSN is not working, please try these troubleshooting steps:

1. Check for the dragonborn_speaks.log file in your Skyrim installation directory (next to SkyrimVR.exe or SkyrimSE.exe). If it does not exist, that means the mod is not being loaded. In this case, make sure you have installed xSHADOWMANx's Dll Loader and make sure that DSN is installed to the correct location: SkyrimVR/Data/Plugins/Sumwunn/ or Skyrim Special Edition/Data/Plugins/Sumwunn/.

2. If the dragonborn_speaks.log file exists, that means the mod has initialized. Check your My Documents/DragonbornSpeaksNaturally/DragonbornSpeaksNaturally.log file for any errors that indicate DSN failed to startup correctly. Please post an issue on the Bug reports tab with the contents of this log.

3. If the log files look good, double check your preferred microphone is set as the default after SteamVR has started (the default microphone may changed after SteamVR started). Also, double check the mic is not muted and the volume is reasonably high (sometimes too high of volume can cause recognition issues).

Q: How to switch microphones without restarting the game?
A: The mod will use your system default microphone input. Since v0.17, you don't need to restart the game after changing the default microphone, just disable the old device from Windows voice dialog and the new will be used.

Q: Modify custom commands without restarting the game?
A: Since v0.18, modifying the DragonbornSpeaksNaturally.ini file no longer requires restarting the game. The settings will be automatically reloaded after saving. However, if you just created the ini file, you need a restart.
Tips: There may be a bug in the feature, which may cause speech recognition accidental not work after your saving your edit. In this case, a restart may be required.

Q: I use HTC Vive and/or have a lower recognition rate.
A: The HTC Vive microphone is not the best, so speech recognition might not work well. (If you run DSN with HTC Vive and have a low recognition rate, consider adding a USB microphone. Bluetooth headsets are not recommended because the recording quality of Bluetooth devices is very bad. In addition, HTC Vive Pro microphone is good.)
Also, maximize speech recognition accuracy by eliminating as much background noise as possible and ensure your microphone volume is turned up.
If you don't speak English and have a "DragonbornSpeaksNaturally.ini", please comment or delete "Locale=eu-US" or change it to your locale. Incorrect locale can also cause recognition rate issues.

Q: An update of SkyrimVR or SkyrimSE broke the mod's running.
A: This mod requires direct hooks into Skyrim which means it will break when Skyrim is updated. I will try to keep this mod up to date with the latest version of SkyrimVR and SkyrimSE as quickly as possible.

Q: Where is the log file of the mod?
A: The log of "DragonbornSpeaksNaturally.exe" is located in the "Documents" directory of your Windows system (the directory is called "My Documents" in Windows XP and "Documents" in Win7 and above). The exe will create a sub-directory "DragonbornSpeaksNaturally" in "Documents" and a file "DragonbornSpeaksNaturally.log" in the sub-directory.
For Win7 and above, the default location for "Documents" directory is "C:\Users\%username%\Documents". But user can move it to a new location.
In addition, the most quick way to enter this directory is to access the "Documents" shortcut from "This Computer" home page.
If you still can't find the log, consider running "DragonbornSpeaksNaturally.exe" manually to see if the log generated. If the exe cannot keep running and no log generated in your Windows 7, try install .Net Framework v4.6.1 or later.
And, there is a log for "dragonborn_speaks_naturally.dll", it is located in your SkyrimSE/VR install directory and named "dragonborn_speaks.log".

Q: DSN can't work under my locale, "DragonbornSpeaksNaturally.log" ends with an exception.
A: If Windows Speech Recognition is not available in your locale, the DSN is not available too. Try install English as your secondry locale and set "Locale=en-US" in the ini file.
If your locale supports Windows Speech Recognition, but the DSN still doesn't work, make sure the Windows Speech Recognition Engine for your locale is installed correctly. You can consider using DISM++ to check and install the speech engine: enter Optional Features, check Show All Features, find <your locale> Speech Recognition and click Install.

Q: How to start a conversation naturally in SkyrimVR with the mod?
A: Please refer to the guide on reddit. The core commands from the guide:

hallo=setini "fActivatePickLength:Interface" 220.0000; setini "bUsingMotionControllers:VRInput" 0; sleep 10; press E; sleep 10; setini "bUsingMotionControllers:VRInput" 1; setini "fActivatePickLength:Interface" 50.0000;

excuse me=setini "fActivatePickLength:Interface" 220.0000; setini "bUsingMotionControllers:VRInput" 0; sleep 10; press E; sleep 10; setini "bUsingMotionControllers:VRInput" 1; setini "fActivatePickLength:Interface" 50.0000;

Lydia=setini "fActivatePickLength:Interface" 220.0000; setini "bUsingMotionControllers:VRInput" 0; sleep 10; press E; sleep 10; setini "bUsingMotionControllers:VRInput" 1; setini "fActivatePickLength:Interface" 50.0000;

How it Works
DSN works by hooking directly into the Skyrim code where the dialogue menu is updated. It also starts a background service to handle the speech recognition. When the background service identifies the dialogue line, the Skyrim hooks execute to select the spoken line.

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