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Shows pronunciations or pronunciations and translations of shouts together in Shout menu. Thunderchild shouts are supported. Skyvoice is supported.

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If you are playing VR and using skyui-vr, this mod is no longer necessary for you. It includes this feature in the latest beta:


Shout Pronunciatons helps you learn the pronunciation of shouts. Normally game shows only the translation of a word of power (For example: FORCE)
But instead, with this mod you can choose to see one of these: FUS, FUS (Force), Fus (force)

All of the original game and dlc shouts are supported and also all Thunderchild shouts.

As an extra, I included Skyvoice compatible versions of Thunderchild options which include "Aav" in front of those shouts.

An unnecessary note: Thunderchild version of this mod requires Thunderchild to be installed.


Q: Doesn't "Shouts in the Dragon Tongue" mod do the same thing? Why would I need this?
A: I made this because Thunderchild patch in Shouts in the Dragon Tongue and Words patch in Thunderchild oldrim page doesn't work with SSE version of Thunderchild. I also added translations options for those who want to see(me included) pronunciations and translations together in the game.
Also you don't have to choose one or the other, you can use this mod with another mod to mix and match however you like.

Q: In some options text becomes smaller for some shout pronunciations.
A: Yes, I'm aware of this. I wanted to add translations with pronunciations so people can actually learn dragon language while playing the game, but I don't know how to add another line to translation line(I don't think it's possible without ui changes)

Q: Is this mod compatible with Skyrim VR?
A: Yes, of course. I only play Skyrim VR now, and this should work perfectly in it. If I encounter any issues, I promise to fix them immediately.

Q: I don't understand the option with Skyvoice support?
A: In Skyvoice, Thunderchild shouts should be spoken starting with the word "AAV" to differentiate them from original shouts. So in that version, AAV is added to Thunderchild shouts to help Skyvoice users. Totally unrelated to you if you don't use it.


I don't like changing Shout names, instead I made different options to change translations line.

Note: Some of these options are very long for some shouts like WULD (Whirlwind) etc. So game interface automatically resizes those texts smaller to fit them. If you don't like that, just choose an option with only pronunciations.

There are a total of 9 options in the fomod installer:

  • Only Pronunciations (Doesn't require Thunderchild)

  • Pronunciations and Translations (Doesn't require Thunderchild)

  • Pronunciations with Capital Letter and Translations (Doesn't require Thunderchild)

  • With Thunderchild - Only Pronunciations

  • With Thunderchild - Pronunciations and Translations

  • With Thunderchild - Pronunciations with Capital Letter and Translations

  • With Thunderchild - Only Pronunciations with Skyvoice Support

  • With Thunderchild - Pronunciations and Translations with Skyvoice Support

  • With Thunderchild - Pronunciations with Capital Letter and Translations with Skyvoice Support

You don't see the version you want here? Make a request, and I'll add it, if it's plausible.


This mod is compatible with any mod, even those that change shout names and translations(won't have any issues). If you load this after those mods, this mod will overwrite them.

Compatible with Shouts in the Dragon Tongue. Particularly useful if you want to mix and match different styles. SIDT - Thunderchild patch doesn't work. So you can use this to complement it if you want. Just load this mod after any mod you want to overwrite.


SkyVoice Reloaded VR to shout in real life to shout in game automatically. I made this mod specifically for the use of SkyVoice Reloaded, because you need to know the pronunciations of all shouts to enjoy that mod.


At first I was going to just port Thunderchild - Dragon Language Words Patch by Enai Siaion from his oldrim mod page, but after I learned how he did it, I decided to modify it to add different options for use as well. Credit goes to Enai Siaion for awesome mods, his continued contributions to this community and his views about mod copyright which I agree completely.

Thanks to PineCone1 for helps with testing until I figured out how to unlock Thunderchild shouts by console myself.