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Made by request. Adds economic challenge to the game - merchants offer you 20% less for your goods, and ask for 40% more when selling goods to you.

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Hello Dragon Age fans.  Someone asked me nicely for this, and I figured others might be interested.  Adding a bit of a challenge can always be fun.

This mod makes the game significantly harder, economically speaking.  Merchants offer you 20% less for your goods, and charge you 40% more for their goods.  That's it.

Completely compatible with any mod that doesn't change any merchant store records, which includes my QUDAO Fixpack v3.4.

If you have another mod that modifies a single merchant, you can let that mod override this one.  That merchant's prices won't be changed, but you'll get the changes the other mod needed to make for that one merchant, and all other merchants will still be affected.