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Accomplishes the same thing as "Universal Race Scale Remover" in a much cleaner and much much much more compatible way.

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The mod "Universal Race Scale Remover" accomplishes an important function.  In vanilla Skyrim, whenever an NPC is set to interact with something in the environment (say, a cooking pot, or leaning up against a counter), the game will resize that NPC to a height of 1.0 in order to prevent clipping.  In mine and a lot of other people's estimation, however, the clipping is a very minor immersion-breaker compared to seeing NPC's suddenly (and drastically, in the case of children) growing and shrinking in height.  URSR prevents the scaling from happening altogether.

This mod accomplishes the same thing and in the same general way, by making the RaceToScale keyword that most furniture in the game is labeled with point to a NULL reference instead of the function that shrinks/grows the NPC.  This mod, however, does it with two important improvements:

1)  This version has been saved in the SSE Creation Kit, which can prevent save game corruption.

2)  URSR unnecessarily forwarded every edit of every object in the "Default Object Manager" record.  This is unnecessary because, unlike most records, a blank entry in this list does not override previous entries.  By forwarding every object in the list, USRS canceled out any subsequent changes that Bethesda made to objects via Update.esm.  USRS is also completely incompatible with the newly released Weapon Armor Clothing And Clutter Fixes which makes extensive edits to the Default Object Manager.  The way *this* mod does it makes it utterly and completely compatible with every current and even every possible future mod that affects anything except race scaling itself explicitly.

Many requests over the years have been made to the URSR author to deal with these issues without success.  I therefore checked with Nexus to see if they would object to my releasing a mod that accomplishes the same function without the problematic aspects, and as the change can be - well, *SHOULD* be - accomplished by the setting of a single setting within a single record (more or less similar to a "Game Setting"), they've given my permission to release this.  It does not modify or correct or use the URSR ESP, it was built from scratch and then saved properly in the CK.

If you are playing an ongoing game and wish to use this mod and replace URSR without creating Missing ESP Warnings or issues, it is safe to rename this mod's ESP to "Race Scale Remover.esp" and overwrite the original with it.  (I unfortunately did not get Nexus's permission to the extent of being able to use the same ESP name to avoid these issues, so you'll have to do that manually yourself.)  If you're starting a new game, just use this mod's ESP as is. 

You can now enjoy your consistently-sized children and NPCs without fear of it ever corrupting your saves, conflicting with another mod or interfering with a Bethesda update ever again.  I hope you'll enjoy.

REQUIRES:  Nothing whatsoever.
INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS:  Use your mod manager.
UNINSTALL INSTRUCTIONS:  Use your mod manager.

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