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An attempt to improve further on the fix USSEP makes to adding red mist to Redbelly Mine as described by some NPCs in dialogue.

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USSEP makes the following fix to Redbelly Mine (from the changelog):

"The mine will also have modified visuals in an attempt to portray the described "red mist".

Residents of Shor's Stone do in fact refer to the mine as being filled with red mist, and the fix as executed in USSEP is definitely a step in the right direction, but IMO it can be improved on.  This mod addresses two issues with the USSEP fix as it stands:

1) When you get close to the distant interior fog in the back cubbyholes, it becomes very very white, a little jarring as it seems odd for white mist to look red only from a distance. I think my version makes that a lot less noticeable.

2) In addition to mentioning the red mist, Grogmar gro-Burzag says that you can't see ten feet in front of your face in the mine. In the current fix, max visibility is unimpeded. I think my version fits Grogmar's description much better.

I also think it makes fighting the spiders there a lot more fun... but, warning, NOT recommended for arachnophobes!  In fact, not giving arachnophobes heart attacks may be a good reason to keep this out of USSEP, so I decided to release it as standalone.

Please let me know what you think!

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