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QUSTR makes it (relatively) easy to install your favorite skin textures to 23 popular NPC replacer and follower mods. Version 1.1.0 adds Lunari Warriors and Vilja In Skyrim. Version 1.2.0 adds Mirai - The Girl With The Dragon Heart and fixes The Huntress Reborn - Aela Replacer head texture installation.

Permissions and credits
So you just found a female skin texture replacer that makes you go WOW.  (I'll say it right now, for me that is Bijin Skin, and that's what I'm going to use as my example in this mod's installation instructions.)  You install it... and they look fantastic! - but you hardly see those skins anywhere except on yourself (if you're female) and maybe a few female NPC's that were so insignificant that you didn't even bother to download a mod to replace them. 

That's because a great many popular NPC replacer mods use custom skin textures.  Installing popular skin texture mods like Fair Complexion, Leyenda, SG Textures or Bijin Skins doesn't install them to the folders in the NPC Replacer mods, so you won't see them on any of the NPC's replaced by those mods.

Now, any of you who have installed the TMBE Enhanced Body mod know that I set up that FOMOD installer to apply the body files to a large sample of popular replacer mods.  This mod uses the same technique for the same mods, but for the skin textures instead.  There's a catch, however.  Unlike in that mod, where I (or Robton, rather) suppy the body files, I'm not supplying the skin textures.  YOU have to do that.  That means SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED. 

Without this mod, if you want the skin textures you just downloaded elsewhere to apply to, say, Bijin Wives, you have to copy the files from your favorite skin textures into the proper subfolders (which you first have to find) under your Bijin Wives mod folder.  Then you have to do it again for Bijin Warmaidens , finding the correct subfolder in that mod and placing them there.  And then Bijin NPCs.  And then Serana.  And then The Ordinary Women.  This can take a long time, can be prone to human error, and is very tedious.  THIS mod allows you to do the process of assembling the textures you want ONE time, and then you can install them into every supported NPC replacer mod with a single click.

This mod contains no assets whatsoever beyond a very handy FOMOD installer.  YOU have to find your favorite skin textures.  YOU have to uncompress THIS mod, place your favorite skin texture files into the empty "000 SkinTextures" folder you will find there, YOU will have to recompress that folder, and then install it.  You just read the short version of the installation instructions.  The installer will then place those skin textures you picked out into the proper folders in every supported mod.

What skin texture mods are supported?  Since you're supplying the texture files... all of them.

What NPC Replacer mods are supported?  For this initial version, the same as in TMBE Enhanced Body Replacer, except that I've also added support for Chaconne Vilja SSE. 

Bijin NPCs
Bijin Warmaidens
Bijin Wives
Chaconne (OR Chaconne Vilja SSE)
Seranaholic - Serana
Seranaholic - Valerica
Toccata as Elisif
Celestine Healer
Improved Bards SSE
Interesting NPCs Amalee Customizer SSE
Interesting NPCs Zora Customizer SSE
(New!)  Lunari Warriors 6 Standalone Followers
Metalsaber's Beautiful Ladies and/or Elves
(New!)  Mirai - The Girl With The Dragon Heart
Recorder - Standalone Fully Voiced Follower
Sofia - The Funny Fully Voiced Follower
The Huntress Reborn - Aela Replacer
The Ordinary Women
(New!)  Vilja In Skyrim

Can I add your favorite NPC replacer or follower in future versions?  Sure thing, just ask.  It's easy for me to do.  A lot of the entries in the above list were added to the TMBE Body installer by request.  (EDIT:  Actually, let me limit that to replacers/followers that aren't expressly pornographic.  Part of my motive for modding is for professional resume material, and I think I've already hit my limit on how much modding adult-only content I could get away with in that respect.  Plus I really don't want to have to add adult-only tags to this mod, it's utility should be much broader than that.).

ANYWAY.  If the directions above where I listed what YOU have to do weren't clear enough, here's more detailed installation instructions.

1)  Download "QUSTR - Universal Skin Texture Replacer" - this mod - MANUALLY.  I've disabled the "Download With Mod Manager" option because it would do nothing useful.

2)  Uncompress the QUSTR folder with 7-zip.  You'll find an empty folder in it called "000 SkinTextures".  You'll need to fill this folder.  We'll come back to it shortly.

3)  Download your favorite skin texture mod.  For me, it's Bijin Skin.

4)  Install it with all the options you want to pick from (blemishes, muscular textures, specular map, whatever)  This is the single biggest reason why I'm not including their files for you even when permissions would permit it.  I cannot possibly reproduce all the options that all these skin mods give you.  And there is no need.  By following these instructions, you get to use every option regarding skin textures you could want from those mods.

5)  After you've installed all the options you like, browse to that mod's folder.  For me, in my Mod Organizer 2 "mods" folder, I browse to the folder "Bijin Skin UNP 4K-20078-1-2-2".  Delve down the following folders:  textures -> actors -> character -> female.  THIS folder has the vast majority of the files you need.  Copy all of these files DIRECTLY into my mod's "000 SkinTextures" folder.  Do not create any subfolder under "000 SkinTextures".

6) If you're using Bijin Wamaidens, and your skin texture mod has a "textures -> actors -> character -> femaleorc" folder, copy the file you'll find there into "000 Skin Textures" as well.  Ugor and Borgakh from Bijin Warmaidens use it.

7) (Optional)  In my case, I also want to install the optional "Bijin Skin UNP 8K Body Diffuse" texture.  So I also download that, and overwrite the 4k diffuse texture I had just placed in "000 SkinTextures" with that 8k diffuse texture.  This is my result when I'm done assembling the textures I want:

8) Compress the QUSTR folder back up.  The top level folders within your compressed file should be "000 SkinTextures", "FOMOD" and "images".

9) Install the newly compressed folder with your mod manager.  You'll get a single FOMOD installer screen listing every supported mod and, if you have that mod installed, it will be automatically selected for you.   IT IS UP TO YOU to make sure you're applying UNP textures only to NPC replacers that have UNP bodies installed, and CBBE textures only to NPC Replacers using CBBE bodies.  My installer cannot verify if the textures you're installing match the body in the destination NPC replacer mod.

10)  Go in game.  You will now see the NPC's from all the selected mods using the skin textures you picked out for them.  Enjoy!

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