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frogf's excellent appearance customizer for Zora (from Interesting NPCs) ported to SSE with permission.

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This is an SSE port of frogf's Interesting NPCs Zora Customizer, created with frogf's permission. 

The contents of this port (updated for changes in version 1.2.1):

1)  A single download with a fully developed FOMOD installer that will install whatever options you wish.

2)  The oldrim version options for oldrim CBBE v3M and UNP are included.  The Sevenbase Bombshell version has been replaced with the CBBE high poly body with Bombshell preset by Jeir.  This is due to the 7Base Bombshell body (which is technically UNP) having serious wrist seam issues with UNP based body replacers such as TMB Vanilla Armor and Clothes Replacer.  If you're using that replacer, picking the UNPB body option in this mod works perfectly when Zora wears armor and clothes replaced by it.

3)  Speaking of which - yes, the UNPB body has been added as an option in v1.2.1, and the CBBE SSE Vanilla preset from previous versions of this SSE port is still included.

4)  To summarize the above, the current body options as of v1.2.1 are:  the original oldrim CBBE version (nude and no physics only), CBBE SSE Vanilla preset, CBBE SSE Bombshell preset, UNP, and UNPB.

5)  All bodies except for the original CBBE oldrim version now have the option for physics and for vanilla underwear.  The no-physics options are included for those not using SKSE64 and XPMSSE.  I cannot test if the non-physics options have any issues without SKSE64 or XPMSSE installed, but they should work fine.  Let me know if you get any CTDs using the non-physics version if you're not using them.

6)  The 4 skin texture options and wet specular map for the CBBE body that are available in the oldrim version are also available in this port.  The UNP and UNPB bodies have Fair Skin and SG Renewal skin texture options, and for version 1.2.1 I've added the UNP specific wet specular map from UNP Renewal as an option as well.  The SG textures for both CBBE and UNP have been updated with the officially ported SG SSE textures for compression better suited to SSE.

7)  The installer has an option to either use frogf's custom hide armor fit to the oldrim CBBE body style, or normal scale armor as implemented by Interesting NPC's.  Note that frogf's custom armor does not have physics, but it works well with whatever body you choose, as all possible areas where a seam could occur are covered.

8)  Choose one of 3 face options:  the default warpaint scar, frogf's burned scar texture (by far my favorite), or clean face with minimal scarring.

9)  Completely optional:  lighter eyebrows, blue eyes, freckles.  These can work with any of the 3 face options.

10)  I have applied triptherift's ENB Brow Fix to Zora's facegen. I use ENB with SSAO myself, I could clearly see the issue, and it has now been fixed.

Note that all the talk above about physics applies only to Zora's unclothed/unarmored body.  When she's dressed, she'll only have physics if she's wearing clothes or armor that have had physics applied to them directly.

As of version 1.2.1, I've updated a lot of the assets to their officially ported SSE versions rather than converting the oldrim assets from the original mod myself.  As such, a new batch of file credits specific to this port is in order.  This is above and beyond frogf's credits below:

Qwinn's File credits

Thanks to Caliente for Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -CBBE- for SSE
Thanks to jeir for his CBBE Bombshell preset from his CBBE Preset Compendium
Thanks to dimon99 for Dimonized UNP Female Body
Thanks to Blessed Redux Project team for UNP BLESSED BODY- UNPB REDUX PROJECT
Thanks to shiva982 for maintaining UNP Female Body Renewal and UNP Blessed Body SE for SSE
Thanks to hellosanta for SG Female Texture Renewal and shiva182 for porting it to SSE for both CBBE and UNP
Thanks to HHaleyy for Fair Skin Complexion textures
Thanks to Halofarm for high poly UNP hands and feet
Thanks to Groovtama for his XPMSSE skeleton for physics
Thanks to Ousnius and Caliente for BodySlide and Outfit Studio
Thanks to Ousnius for SSE Nif Optimizer
Thanks to triptherift for providing a tutorial on how to apply the ENB Brow Fix
Thanks to jonwd7 for nifskope used in applying the ENB Brow Fix

My Fallout New Vegas Mods:

Qwinn's Refined New Vegas Redesigned 3

My Skyrim Special Edition mods:

Improved Redbelly Mine Mist Fix
QUASIPC - Qwinn's Unified Automated Self Installing Patch Compendium
QUARK - Qwinn's Ultimate Amulet Restoration Kit
QUSTR - Qwinn's Universal Skin Texture Replacer
Scoped Bows Compatibility Kit
IDRS - Improved Disabled Race Scaling
Critters Ain't Snitches - Animal and Monster Crime Reporting Fix
Interesting NPCs Amalee Customizer (by frogf, port only)
Interesting NPCs Zora Customizer (by frogf, port only)
TMBE Enhanced Body for SSE (by Robton, port only)
TMB Vanilla Armors and Clothes (by Robton, port only)

My Dragon Age Origins mods:

Qwinn's Ultimate Dragon Age Origins Fixpack
Tougher Merchants

Below is the description page from frogf's oldrim page in its entirety.  Links will of course be going to the oldrim versions of the various mods that he's crediting.


Change the way Zora Fair-Child looks from popular skyrim mod "Interesting NPCs"
High poly Head, Delicate features, CBBEv3M Body, Custom Armor.


Interesting NPCs

NMM: Download/install
Manually: Extract the files, Copy its contents to your ..Skyrim\Data folder

*Overwrite the same files.


Remodeled Armor CBBEv3M
VandB ENB Nature
Face Light

Sofia Customizer Redux
Arissa Customizer
*Interesting NPCs Amalee Customizer
If you have downloaded the "Interesting NPCs Amalee Customizer" Mod, You
can safely overwrite/replace any existing files when prompted.

Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Edition -CBBE- by Caliente
CBBEv3M Body Repalacer by MAK07
CITRUS Heads (HD Meshes) by blabba
RaceMenu by expired6978

Fair Skin Complexion by HHaleyy
SG Female Textures Renewal by hellosanta
Tetro Face Texture V2.1 by tetrodoxin
Demoniac Female Textures by regenbot03
Maevan2's eye brows by Maevan2
The Eyes Of Beauty by LogRaam
PAINTERLY - a High Res Vanilla Warpaint Retexture by gobbldygook
Northborn Scars by Northborn
Teeth Plus by urgarulga
Teeth Plus - Redone by SvarogNL

Swap Hide Armor UNP UNPB by Northborn


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I hope you like the result! Feel free to drop by in the comments section if you have any issues or would like to give feedback.
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*ENG is not my first language.