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Adds 1629 new, lore-friendly items to loot lists, with an emphasis on deepening storytelling through loot.

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Narrative Loot

Narrative Loot adds 1,629 miscellaneous items to chests, pockets, and vendors. Including new paintings, new decorative books, and new types of dinnerware. All of the items blend into the game's pre-existing styles and themes.

The mod also adds a unique shop, "Hava's Fine Wares', located in Windhelm. The shop sells a rotating selection of items, or the player can steal any item at any time.

If you use multiple loot list mods, then you could use Merge Plugins to merge those lists together (or simply load this mod last, so that this mod's changes take priority).
This mod primarily affects the miscellaneous item loot lists, as well as chests and misc. goods vendors.

When you open a chest, or barter with a merchant such as Belethor, you'll have a chance to find certain items added by this mod. You might find new styles of pottery, small furnishings, treasures, paintings, or more. You may uncover rarities from a Dwemer or Falmer dungeon. Bandit chests will sometimes contain paintings, which you can sell, or even hang on your wall with the usage of other decoration mods such as Decorator Helper. Necromancers, Draugr, and Skeletons will drop some bones and skulls. Civil War combatants might carry valuable missives, new booze, and their chests may carry Imperial or Nordic wares. Orcs may keep steel wares.

Overall, the mod adds more depth to loot, with an emphasis towards deepening the lore of the game world through new loot! It's an exercise in environmental storytelling.


~ Version 2.0 ~

"Hava's Fine Wares" in Windhelm now sells a rotating selection of the items added by this mod. Now you can find exactly the items you are searching for! 



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I: Wares

A truly tremendous quantity of new plates, bowls, goblets, and other wares have been added (over 1,482). These can be found randomly in chest and and cabinets. Each region has a unique type of pottery available for sale — Whiterun has a unique 'Snowberry' ceramic type, Falkreath a 'Juniper' type, and Solstheim has a wide varieties of Morrowind-themed glass; Redoran, Hlaalu, and Telvanni styles. There are 57 new styles in total. Some of these styles are able to be crafted, including new Iron, Steel, and Glass wares, enabling a player to start out their game as a common smith, and then progress into working Steel and ultimately Glass. Many of these dinnerware styles are available only from dungeon chests, such as the fabled Black Glass, Tarnished, and ruined styles. These have all been designed by the gargantuan slayer himself, TheFunkTasm. Check out the pictures for examples (although I captured nowhere near the full scope of this addition). (Morrowind Style Clutter)

II: Paintings

61 painting types may be found in chests throughout Skyrim and DLC, and I've set it up so that they may appear in lands like Cyrodiil. Paintings may be found for sale at general goods merchants or stolen from cabinets. You can sell these paintings, or hang them in your home, if you use mods which allow you to place items. The paintings themselves are fantastic renditions of screenshots from Skyrim, passed through a filter that makes them look as if they are hand-painted. Check out the screenshots for what each one looks like, plus its ID should you want to spawn a specific one. (Paintings and Frames)


24 decorative skillbooks also added, which will train the player's skills when examined. Hidden in dungeon chests or available from merchants, each book has stellar page art, and looks awesome when laid out on a desk or perched on a shelf. I've given them lore-friendly names, and matched each one to a relevant skill, which they raise on examining for the first time. (Open Books)

IIV: Treasures

I've also included around 62 new treasures and miscellaneous items, which may be found in chests and in pockets. These have all been introduced where they make the most sense. Forsworn will have more bones and tribal items, Civil War actors may hold valuable missives, Snow Elf chests may contain ancient Falmer valuables, Skeletons will sometimes drop skulls or bones, and much more. These are made from repurposed vanilla assets, including one-time quest items.

The art seen here has been created by a number of original authors, who can be found at the credits at the bottom of the description. They released their work openly, such that others could add onto it. Major credit goes to them — we wouldn't still be here without such an openly collaborative and supportive modding community.

I wanted to balance it as well as I could. The items are implemented such that they don't affect game balance overmuch — new Dwemer items are equally valuable to pre-existing ones, and the new paintings are equally valuable to other fine treasures. I also made it scale, so that later-game dungeon types more often gave more valuable treasures. You may find dungeon exploration especially rewarding now.

I'd suggest counterbalancing it by raising the difficulty or introducing other economy mods. I would recommend iNeed, Frostfall, and Extended Stay for your consideration.

Players can also craft some of the styles added by this mod, and the values of crafted goods has been balanced to make Smithing a potentially profitable trade.Of course, having good Speechcraft makes this easier. This can be a great way to make some money off of spare iron.

If you learn Steel Smithing, you'll be able to smith steel wares. At Glass Smithing, you can smith blue glass wares. I'd like to enrich this system with more recipes in the future.

These new dinnerware styles are all created by The_Funktasm, from their phenomenal modder's resource Morrowind Style Clutter. They  have created a jaw-dropping 1,708 new items, and NarrativeLoot implements almost all of them in the game. If you enjoy decorating your house, or yearn for the variety of styles that Morrowind had, you will likely be very pleased by what they've done. Check out the screenshots to see some examples.

In technical terms, the artist leveraged the 'alternate texture' feature of items to re-skin vanilla wares, which saves on hard-drive space and memory. There are also several new dinnerware models added by the artist, such as small bowls and waterpipes. It's an elegant addition that doesn't add bloat to a load order!

These styles are all available in various cupboards and chests. I've also set up 'regional styles' to regularly spawn at general goods traders in certain provinces of Skyrim. Enjoy — these have been a huge effort primarily by the giant slayer themself, The_Funktasm.

There are 57 texture styles, each with 26 models available in-game:
(Check the images tab for screenshots of the general categories. You'll have to experience them in-game to see them all [or check The_Funktasm's page])

Noble Styles
Steel, Brass, Bronze / Imperial, Akaviri, Reman / Windhelm, Dawnstar, Winterhold, Haafingar / Snowberry, Juniper / Peach Glass / 

Common Styles
Ceramic, Clay, Painted, Blue, Red, Green, White / Steel, Iron / Cyrodillic, Imperial, Septim / Windhelm, Dawnstar, Winterhold / Snowberry, Juniper / Bottles

Morrowind Styles
Redoran, Telvanni, Hlaalu / Redware / Blue Glass, Green Glass, Peach Glass, Yellow Glass / Bottles

Dwemer Styles
Bronze / Dwarven, Dwemer / Dwemer Gold

Ruins Styles
Tarnished, Rusted / Ancient Nord / Bronze, Iron / Limeware, Rippled

Treasures Styles
Gilded, Extravagant, Ornate, Gold

Recommended Mods
Decorator Helper (Optional)
Freeze items in place, and make fine adjustments to the placement and rotation of items. (This one is handy for placing paintings on walls. It also enables you to re-position any static objects such as chairs.)
Merge Plugins (Optional)
You may want to merge this mod with any other mods you have which may affect loot lists. For those who have multiple loot list mods, such as bulk armor or weapons mods which may affect the same loot lists. (Otherwise, whichever mod which is placed lower in your game's launcher's load order will take over the loot list.)

Gameplay Balancing
Helps balance this mod by introducing more cash sinks such as paying for food, drinks, and tavern beds.

Helps balance this mod by making combat more challenging, so that you'll need to buy more equipment, more spells, and more potions

Adds a challenging temperature system to the game.