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Place paintings, loots and more on walls to expose and show to your guest as you ever dreamed!

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I changed the name of the mod since is evolved a little bit from the first iteration.
Put your paintings on the wall like you ever dreamed, loots or plates, bowl and maybe more stuff with future updates.
It works like plaques and racks but instead of using your equipped weapon you need to drop the object nearby you and activate the hook, the object will be placed right where the hook is.

The mod Narrative Loot is recommended since it add lots of beautiful paintings to use with this mod.

Hooks have been added to Windstad Manor, Lakeview Manor, the Pale Marsh Manor, and Breezehome, when I have time and desire I will change some more house.
It would be cool if the player can place hooks wherever he want but I don't know how to do it at the moment.

Some hooks will be usable if the wall mounted animal head, or other object, that cover them, is disabled or just not placed, I will put some screenshots for reference.
Always save your game before disabling objects, and if you want to test it, with the console open, click on the item you want to disable and than in the console type disable. After you disabled the mount, the hook will show up a few seconds later.

Since there are tons of object in Skyrim, not all of them can be hooked using the same hook, so it is quite a job testing every object. I will keep adding them but it might takes a while.
I made the mod so that it can be extended, people that want to see their items on walls they can add the core file as master for their mod and you just need to add a DSC04Hookable keyword to the item you want to place on the wall.

The hook has several points that can be used, since paintings, plates and other items have different starting orientation they have to be placed to a different point.
Add one of the following keywords to the item to specify the point you want to use:
  • DSC04HookablePainting
  • DSC04HookablePlate
  • DSC04HookableDefault (default)
  • DSC04HookableDefault02
  • DSC04HookableDefault03
Depending on the point used you might see the object in a different orientation.

How to place the hook with Creation Kit


Use NMM or extract to your data folder.

Feel free to uninstall with NMM or remove the esp file together with bsa
anytime, every scripts used are attached to Quest or Form object and they should
not create any problems

All the credits go to Bethesda and/or their creators!
Paintings you see in the screenshots are from Narrative Loot.

Skyrim Mod - Place Your Paintings