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just some random stuff that does not fit on any of my other pages

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KA Recipe Fix 

KA adds a bunch of recipes to a new crafting station, the Dragon Forge, and 3 recipes to the normal tanning rack. Turning Dragon Scales into Dragon Hide, Dragon Heartscales into Dragon Hide, Dragon Hide and Dragon Priest Ashes into Scroll of Abjuration.  This changes those recipes over to use the the Dragon Forge also. 

TBO Bench Fix 

I kind of forget why I did this one, it adds a persistent flag to a bench, I think it was needed to prevent a quest from having issues. 

SpoiledGoods inmy GarbageLoot

Adds the Spoiled Goods items into the looting system of Garbage Loot. 

Bruma - GarbageLoot

Applies the garbage loot system to most of the common containers in Bruma

DTA - NarrativeLootCrates

Gives the crates from Dynamic Things Alternative an assortment of loot from Narrative Loot. 

ARBR - EmptyBottleLoot

Adds empty bottles into a few loot lists so they show up randomly with ingredients or in tombs.